Track list:
1. Drunken Disciples (4:39)
2. What You Made (6:26)
3. Heaven Help Me (I'm Alive) (5:31)
4. Let You Down (4:29)
5. One More Year (6:05)
6. Forevermore (5:02)
7. No Looking Back (6:17)
8. Our Last Dance (5:27)
9. Bloodthirsty (7:14)

Mark's first long-playing solo CD with his vocals throughout! Spiritual and social issues are the main focus this time around, amidst exquisite electronic backing tracks; all in all, Mark's deepest and most personal musical endeavor yet...

Words and music ©1997, 2005 Mark Baranowski
Wretched heroes
Count to zero
Over again
Lack a single friend
Stagger blindly
Hope to find me
I stay out of reach
Watching from afar
So many intentions
Not enough preventions
Out in the field
Mild resistance, hidden insistence
Longing just to be healed
Shattered spirit
I can hear it
Calling me by name
Taunting voices
Foolish choices
Cannot change the past
Best to never dwell
So many intentions...
Drunken disciples
Father, this is for you
Mother, dear
Here's a little song for you, too
I'd like to thank you for everything
Everything you've done for me

You fill me with Your love and light
What would I be without You?
You guide me through the darkest night
I thank You for everything
Everything You give to me
Shine upon me
Your humble child
I need the comfort
You make me smile
Never leave me
I'll always be
Nothing more than
What You made

Through Your teachings I've become
A servant loyal and proud
A diamond in a rough crowd
And I'm so thankful
For everything You've brought to me
Shine upon me
Your humble child
I need the comfort
You make me smile
Never leave me
I'll always be
Nothing more than
What You made
Heaven help me, I'm alive
So why do I feel so dead?
In the city, prostitution
Single mothers sell their own
I look away, but I can't ignore it
All this anger, I have to store it
I ask the preacher (preacher, preacher)
Oh, tell me teacher...
What can we do?
"Pray to Mary... Try to reach her"
Time for prayin', or time to act?
This charity, who does it pay?
Ooh, it pays

Heaven help me, I'm alive
So why do I feel so dead?
And since we're talkin' about prayin'
Nowadays, it's just empty words
Well, the churches are empty... yes they are
The parish dressed up like stars
What for?
Fashion show for holy rollers
(Tell me preacher... teacher, teacher)
What can I do?
I talked to Mary, and I told her
"We're not worthy of help, Mother...
But have mercy, queen above all others"
(Won't you help us, sweet Lady?)

Heaven help me, I'm alive

(Sweet, sweet, sweet and blessed Lady)

Heaven help me, I'm alive
You look at me
And what you see
Is more than I could ever be
How did I
Become the one you idolize?
I can't promise
That I won't let you down

You need a friend
Whether girl or boy
It doesn't matter
Someone you can share with
All your toys
I can't help but worry
When you're out on your own
Don't think it won't happen
I'll be here... Just pick up the phone

I became your hero
Imagine that
You could do so much better
I'll try not to let you down

You made me your hero
Imagine that
You could do so much better
I'll try not to let you down
Can you recall when the world was brighter?
How the nights were warmer?
Why did they have to end?
Why did they have to end?

Can you remember when the days were longer?
We looked toward the future
With stars inside our eyes
With stars inside our eyes

There was no reason to doubt
That our children would persevere
So much they're forced to live without
Will they make it another year?
Lord, will we live through just one more year?

The waves get higher and higher
The air gets colder and colder
The days get shorter and shorter
God only knows what tomorrow brings
God only knows just what tomorrow brings

God, help us through
Whatever tomorrow brings
I may not say so enough for you
But I love you more than you know
And if you could only accept that I'm
Most times selfish, and preoccupied
We could move on to a better life
After all, we should live and let live
Give me time to express my desire for you
To be by my side forevermore

Would you follow me to anywhere?
I'm less alive when I'm not by your side
Would you mind letting me take you there?
Why not just leave this world behind?
Are you happy with what we have become...
Or have these changes been for the worst?
I can't complain, for you're the brightest star
In my every night
Until I close my eyes...
And in my dreams...
You bring me the sweetest fantasies
From our bed, we find paradise
So believe me, dear
You own my heart
It will be yours...
Day after day
Feel your life slippin' away
What you gonna do about it?

How can we make it right...
From the mornin' through the night?
Make the most of our time
Keep from losin' our minds
This daily routine
Leave our troubles behind
Spend awhile in the sun
Havin' fun, worry none, you're lovin' everyone
In the new world
Spend awhile in the sun

It doesn't matter where we go
Just so you know
When we're together, everything's right
Sure as the wind blows

It's not too late
Today's a new chapter
It's all up to you
Make anything happen
Spend awhile in the sun
You deserve more fun
Rest assured it's gonna come
In the new world
Spend awhile in the sun
There's no lookin' back, no need
Just move on

Compose a new song
But make sure it's long
From your heart, not your mind
Let the world know how you feel
You could never go wrong

No lookin' back, no lookin' back
No need, just move on
No lookin' back, no lookin' back
Bring out that new song
No more lookin' back, no lookin' back
No more lookin' back...
There'll be no lookin' back
Oh, Lord
Forgive me
I've tried to do right, so how can this be?
This dark dead-end
Lost with no friends
I've hurt all those I loved, I can't pretend
It doesn't hurt me, too

Is there some way I can undo what I've done?
Or is it just too late?
Have I had my fun?
I'm such a fool
I've broken all the rules
And it breaks my heart

I may not deserve
To have just one more chance
But I ask that this not be
Our last dance.
Creatures stirring, restless and hungry
The scent of blood pervades
Tension, anticipation
Reflexes sharp as blades
Within this place they eat their young
Like a prize, remains are hung
Territory comes and goes
Could never be friends, they were raised as foes...

Overlord keeps watch over all
By which will He be overthrown?
Stays far enough away, He isn’t ready to lose
All nerves have been removed
Feet here nowhere, everywhere is hooved
Air thick, difficult to breathe
Ah, the world underneath…
Bloodthirsty... No mercy

Feed their hunger...
Such insatiable appetites
Satisfaction never found
Long to choke on bigger bites
Not like there’s much else to do
Growing pools of the blood each drew
Predators dressed as prey
Could they speak, what would they say?
Would they devise another way?
Face death with delay?

Bloodthirsty... No mercy

Here, they are what they eat
They eat well
No reason for existence
Hence, the lack of resistance
No sense in fighting what is meant to be
It’s their duty
What they are is what they must be
Must be
Instinct is their way of life
The same being their downfall
No harm is done... Bloodthirsty.