Daemonica Sensualis

Track list:
1. Prowler
2. Glistening Viscera
3. Madman In The Shadows
4. The Risen Dead
5. Troglodytes Ate My Girlfriend
6. Into The Murky Depths
7. Steel Wool And Sinful Dwarfs
8. Daemonica Sensualis
9. Screams On A Rainy Night
10. Food For The Worms
11. The Black Woods
12. For The Flesh
13. Dungeon Of De Sade

A grand departure from his previous musical work, Mark's latest MARQUIS CD is a dark, nightmarish aural experience... Heavy electronica seamlessly blended with searing hard rock and brooding vocals, Daemonica Sensualis unleashes upon its audience a new & improved (yet sometimes frightening) Mark Baranowski!

Words and music ©1997, 2007 Mark Baranowski
Just like Charlie
I watch from the trees
I can see you through the curtain
If you only knew
My intentions are endless
It's just a matter of time
The nerve is there... I could enter right now
But patience is half the fun
No need at all for a gun

Call me the prowler
Why not? The name fits
Beware of the prowler
Don't try to resist

My hands are my weapons
The hurt they cause is irreparable
Your body and mind
Forever belong to me
Emotional scars
Sometimes never heal
A psyche so fragile
Too bad you took it for granted
So much for a perfect existence
Isn't this world so cruel?

Call me the prowler
Why not? The name fits
Beware of the prowler
Don't try to resist
Succumb to the prowler
You can't avoid fate
Remember the prowler
Purveyor of hate

I creep through the shadows
Your bedroom in view
I enter in silence
Slip under the sheet
Before you're aware
I'm already there
Results of my actions
Beyond all repair
It's nothing personal my dear
I feed on fear
Lilith called the shots around the garden
Adam had no choice but to obey
When she said "jump," he said "how high?"
Until he finally realized
That a man's home is indeed his humble castle
That's the way it should be and so it was
Lilith said for the last time, “obey me”
Adam put a stop to the bullshit
Fashioned a knife made of sharpened branches
Tied together with a whip-like vine
Penetrated her stomach with enjoyment
Reached inside until the bitch died
Turned her inside out and covered the body with viscera
He marveled at the way it glistened in the moonlight
There's no more room in hell
It's flooded up to earth
Make room for the risen dead
Or become like them

The dead walk the earth
Making life a living hell
Heaven just a fantasy in the land of Valhalla
Your paradise is lost

Your flesh will be devoured
Your mind will be erased
Your precious possessions will burn and smolder
Existence turns to black

Oceans red with blood
Ether is the air
What once was so vital
Is now insignificant
Death is all that's left

When the dead walk the earth
Earth is the new name for hell
Heaven but a dream in the wasteland of Tartarus
Your paradise is lost

Your paradise is lost (x4)
Cthulhu fhtagn

In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming

That is not dead which can eternal lie

And with strange aeons even death may die
Hourglass silhouette
Sweat beads fallin'
Half-light beamin' off the curves of her body
The vision causes minds to corrupt
It's a perversion story
The strongest of its kind
Daemonica Sensualis
She's a killer in disguise

You never see her comin'
You never know just what hit you
One minute you're your own man the next you're insane
Doin' whatever it takes to have her
She's got the power it's her world
To think it's not you're livin' a lie
Through plague war and famine the woman will always survive
Man is just a way to pass the time

It's a perversion story
The strongest of its kind
Daemonica Sensualis
She's too beautiful to die
It's a perversion story
The most perverted of its kind
Daemonica Sensualis
She'll blow your one-track mind
Tormented Sleep
To sleep is to dream
Only thing that I dread
Someone might hear me scream
I close my eyes
The torture begins
This happens night after night
Punishment for my sins?

I hear the voices
Increasing in volume
Cursing my choices
Which sent them to their doom
They never knew
They could never have known
I could retrace my steps
I recall every moan

There have been many times
When I've been unsure
Could I really be demented?
I blame all the times
When I've been unsure
For this tormented sleep

It's as if I'm there
Reliving the crime
Is this called deja vu?
I've gone back in time
But this time it's no fun
I didn't want this
I have no regrets
But I wouldn't miss
Tormented sleep
Another night
But unlike any before
Marking the start of my private war
Between what's right and wrong
No difference anymore

It's the night you become food for the worms
It's the night you become food for the worms

Gather what I'll need
To do all I have to
Can't take it all, just so much I can do
I'll be back home soon, tomorrow I'll start anew

It's the night you become food for the worms
It's the night you become food for the worms

Gather what I'll need
But leave empty-handed
Pockets bulge, that's fine, that's how I planned it
No one will care to ask
Those who do... relax

More than ready, I enter the night
So dark before me
Few passing headlights
My palms are already wet
I walk on with delight

It's the night you become food for the worms
I can't recall her name
But she said she was from the city
The others looked the same
She was certainly pretty
She had her own favorite place
And there was no more time to waste
"What we do is up to you"
A lust for flesh like this she never knew
She does this for her baby
Now where have I heard that before?
If she was half a lady
She would have chosen to ignore me

She began to pose for me
Her shadow looming over me
"Do anything you want to"
Against her hot flesh, my love grew
So I gave in
I played along But not for long
First, I give in
I play along
Never for long
My fingers around her neck
With all my strength, tightly squeezing
The ultimate respect
Nothing else quite as pleasing
She struggled in vain to get free
Punching, slapping, clawing at me
That was all she could do
For a moment, she knew...
My lust for flesh is all that's true
Punish me
I deserve it all
I promise, I won't fall
Punish me
I'll take it like a man
Punish me
I do understand
Don't hesitate
You can abuse me
I need it done to me
I want to feel your pain
Until none remains
I love you, too
Never leave me
Mistress, believe me
I'd never resist
All for the sake of your kiss

Punish me
Burn me with your fire
Punish me
If that's your desire
Punish me
Leave your mark on me
Punish me
Where no one else can see
Don't hesitate
You can instruct me
Or destruct me
I'm longing to feel your pain
Until none remains