Creature Of Habit

Track list:
1. Look In The Mirror
2. Night
3. Straw Hill
4. The Force Inside Of Me
5. Stage Fright At The Theater Of Death
6. Know That It's True
7. Creature Of Habit
8. Mother Crying
9. The House Of Abusive Pleasures
10. No One Told Him
11. Go-Go Giallo
12. I Don't Want To Go

More dark electronica from "MARQUIS"... Think horror film soundtrack, think Goth, think somber lyrics to make you think. With themes of self-examination, society's decay, poverty and even death, these songs more closely reflect the psyche of Mark himself – unlike the fictional horror tales he'd spun for Daemonica Sensualis.

Words and music ©1997, 2007 Mark Baranowski
Keep your looks of dissension
Is my lifestyle so wrong?
Is my code of ethics that distorted?
Are you that much better than me?
Who made you so high and mighty?
Who the hell gave you the right to judge me?
"Don't do what I do, just do what I say"
That's your way
Behind your closed doors, anything goes
And yet you waste no time to point your finger
At me and my kind for the ills of the world

Somewhere it was written
Judge not and ye won't be judged
Look in the mirror, my friend
Before you look down on me
The sun
goes down
And the night
takes me
seem older
So I
don't care
My home
my refuge
Where anything
Can happen
with me
I'll make the darkness
last forever
When you see me, walk away
because that's the action I'm used to
Don't confuse me
Don't try to make me happy
too bright
It's time to slink back
to the shelter
I can tell the tide is turning
My skin has started burning
That change has finally come
No one cares about each other
No respect left for even mother
And this is what we now call fun

I don't want to close my eyes
I'm too afraid of what I'll see
Ever since I realized
There's a force inside of me
There's a force inside
That's trying to fill me
It's getting stronger, trying to kill me
Can't fight the force inside of me

Society has decayed
But Armageddon has been delayed
We're forced to further endure
Modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah
Is there no end to the horror?
Nothing anymore clean and pure

I don't want to open up my mind
Terrified of what I might set free
Ever since I came to find
There's a force inside of me
There's a force inside
That's trying to fill me
It's getting stronger, trying to kill me
Can't fight the force inside of me
Can't fight the force inside of me
There's a force inside of me
Everyone has something that they don't need
Something pulling them down
Doesn't matter where they run to
It's a constant game of lost and found

You know that it's true
It's a part of you
Over time it grew
What to do?
It leaves you all alone
Out on your own
It takes you where you don't belong
Far from home
It won't go
Whatever you do
Won't go
Any means that you use

No matter where you hide
You hide with yourself
From yourself
You're just like me
Identical as can be
I'll make you see
The similarities
I have a right to claim
To be like you
I know what you'll proclaim
Because I'd say that, too
It's like us
To lose our minds
Thus, we know
The act is genuine

No matter where you hide
You're hiding with yourself
From yourself

For awhile it departs
Though it's still a part
Of the person within
It's still in your heart
But it's not too late
It's up to you
If you see it through
You'll be someone brand new
Who can walk with pride
Why still hide?
Trust in self
You'll never be denied

No matter where we hide
We hide with ourselves
From ourselves
Mother crying
No work, no pay
It's just another day
Hearing impaired

Father dying
Life with such pain
No way he could sustain
Love they once shared

There's no forgiveness
For One who inflicts this
Sympathy denied
No excuses
For torturous uses
Keeps us occupied

Mother crying
Displaying poverty
For all the world to see
Still nobody cares

Children trying
An early beginning
Temptation and sinning
Practically dared

Why can't we recognize
Promising, empty lies
Trickery implied
No excuses
For torturous uses
Keeps us occupied
No one told him to hate
Or to murder his son
To be cruel to his wife
Or to end his own life
When he molested his daughter
Was he well aware?
Did he ever care
For her welfare?
He was always well-liked
Everyone who knew him
Never could envision
His despicable actions
Was he treated the same?
I guess we'll never know
Both of his parents gone
Left him so many years ago
Was his father the same?
His father before him?
When, exactly, in time
Did this madness begin?

They never could have prepared
For all that was to come
A bad day at work never came home with him
He'd always kept things inside
Kept it all to himself
None knew of the poor state
That of his mental health
In his own twisted mind
This was the best way
No one else had told him what to do
On that day

Now that it's all done
Hurt is all that remains
Wife and daughter of no one
Nothing can be the same
In due time they'll heal
All will be well
Satisfied believing
That he's made it to hell
Awake in my bed
Thoughts run through my head
Imagination fed
Very soon I'll be dead
And I don't want to go

I'm only a child
Fifteen years compiled
Imagination runs wild
Too soon I'll be exiled
And I don't want to go

It's too much before my time
I'm yearning to enjoy my prime
Is this punishment for some crime?
Please, I don't want to go

So much I want to do
I pray to You
Let my days be more than a few
Provide me with strength anew
I don't want to go

I'm heading for a better place
This fact alone should put a smile on my face
But I still resist joining the race
I'm just not ready to go

No changing destiny
This is how it should be
That doesn't mean I'm happy
With what's been written for me
I don't want to go