Heaven Help Me, I'm In Love (DVD premiere date: 09/27/05)


Butch and Angie are in love, but their relationship isn't progressing quickly enough for Angie. When Butch foolishly attempts to deceive her on account of a friend, whom she already dislikes, she decides to call it quits and dumps him. Meanwhile, screenwriter Donald – another of Butch's friends – is having his own problems in dealing with writer's block and a wife who's tired of being ignored. Struggling desperately to write the All-American comedy, Donald soon finds inspiration in Butch...

A devious ex-girlfriend, a pushy drug dealer, a blind date gone awry and a nagging mother (Lynn Lowry) turns Butch's weekend – and spirits – from bad to downright pathetic. As Angie tends to her ailing mother (Brinke Stevens) and begins to accept life without him, Butch races to make amends in an effort to win back her heart before it's too late.

Shot entirely on location in Charlotte, NC
Production lasted approx. 6 weeks, beginning in early July '05

- feature film
- scene selections
- bloopers & outtakes
- Lynn Lowry interview
- Mark & Ryli interview (w/ Nic Pesante)
- slideshow
- promotional trailer