Your Momma Knows I'm a Star (1994)

Track list:
1. Plead Insanity
2. The Silent Freeway
3. Freewhylin' (Action Prelude)
4. Just Anotha Day N Tha Jungle
5. No Trouble
6. Give 'em the Horn
7. What's Come Over Me?
8. Ready For Action
9. Misc. Joint
10. Itz About Time

Demo of Mark's earliest hip-hop recordings.

Words and music ©1993, 1994 Mark Baranowski
"Itz About Time" additional lyrics by Don Donovan
A state of mind
You can't waste the time
To find a rhyme to bind
Or simply unwind
Committed by a sucker punk
Who should be dead
The only important matter
Is which bunk bed
Holds him
The top or the bottom
Ol' Mr. 5-0 got him
Now he's livin' delirium
Like Saddam
An insane brain ain't difficult to obtain
And once you got it
You're a pawn in the game
Imagination is the name of it
You just fell claim to it
Now you're its victim
There's no use bein'
ashamed of it
There's no escape from your fate
So debate
To be or not to be batty
Like the man in the black cape
You'll be just
another mental case
Disgraced, a waste
And yet another Scarface
Who just can't get with me
And my Disciples Dissin' Discipline
that's the name of the crew I'm in
Fool, got a problem with that?
Don't even try it
Yo, where ya live?
I'll have my man
drive by it
And do it, go through it
Yo G, ya shoulda knew it
Cuz you stepped to The Marksman and tried
But you blew it
And um, speakin'
of blowin'
Guess who's blowin' my johnson
She used to be yours
However, now she's mine, son
And damn, the girl's hype
Yo, you
shouldn't have hit her
But now you're gettin' shaken
And taken out
Just like kitty litter
That's all your life's worth
Cuz yo, you're
livin' foul
So plead insanity
Or throw in the towel.
Yeah, I plead insanity...I plead insanity
Everybody's lookin' at me but they're not understandin' me
I plead insanity, I plead insanity
They can't see that I'm just bein' who I have to be...
Call me The Marksman
I'm rippin' up enough styles
Piles for miles
I'm makin' ya listen
Not missin' what I'm sayin'
Meanwhile, back at the ranch
Pretenders try to bite it
I oblige
I offer it to 'em
See I don't hide it
But, even after they got it
They can't get it
So they give it back
From MY mouth it
sounds dope as hell
But from THEIRS, it's wack
Drivin' a Cadillac
You think you're a star
You're nothin' but FUBAR
You can't afford payments
So to hell with the car
Me, I got a real job
I'm goin' for mine
Doin' what I gotta
And I'm takin' my time
I'm just movin' along...
You know how the song go
Honeys call me Mark
While certain friends call me Domino
Describin' my personality
I like reality
Some people like shammin' me
But it's all in the family
I adore 'em
When times are gettin' too tough
I ignore 'em
When I try to re-tell a story to somebody
I bore 'em
Like In Dulce Decorum
Check your Miami Vice number two
Soundtrack, baby boo
So plead insanity, MC's
You're all out
Cuz when I'm on the mic
It's just like nuclear fallout
A tragedy, chaos
Consider the consequence
YOU'RE gonna beat ME?!
Boy, get some common sense!
Now what would the papers call it...?
(News at 11!)
Boy, you'll be unrecognizable
Carry your wallet
As some form of I.D.
Yo, why'd you try to be
Harder than you are
You should have known you die, G
But if I get accused of murder
I'll simply tell 'em the rhyme did it
And with a payoff, they'll forget it
Don't get me wrong
I ain't the one to be dealin' with bad cops
Then again, few cops are good cops
They need to be dropped
Like the way they've gotten used
To droppin' so many brothers
Rodney King and others
Now's the time to discover
A new form of law enforcement
Like Robocop
Somethin' that's indestructible
And able to drop
Villains, gangsters and criminals
Just like a disease
Take me as an example
Cuz I'm droppin MC's
A minute and a half into the rhyme
And I STILL ain't had time
To take a breath
But I'm still goin' for mine
What I got you wanna get
But you just can't get with it
If you paid a cool grand for my rhymes
You STILL couldn't hit it
You ain't shit, bitch
You better forget this
But if you keep on tryin'
Better pull out your Wish List
And hope for more sense in your head
To put in your rhymes
Cuz if you keep writin' that nonsense
It's Killer Time
You never used your head
So you lost it, how?
I covered it up
Went to the river and tossed it
Now how do I plead
For bein' so damn gory?
Because he never said he was sorry.
Insanity...for suckers lookin' too hard at me
Insanity...for girls who dissed me on the way up
Insanity...for those who said I couldn't do this
Insanity...all with the "he say, she say"
Insanity...for people livin' hypocritical
Insanity...most of all, to my family
Enough said...I'm out.
What it would be like in another land
Where all you could see
Is blue skies and white sand
The people all look the same
And they're all in the same gang
Like brothers and sisters
There ain't no shame in THIS name game
There ain't no need for fame
The Creator
Does not allow false idols
So there's no one greater
Than Him
So throw your ego aside, in this hemisphere
Love is all around
There's no jealousy, guilt or fear
Burdens which are heavily on our backs
In our bodily form
Sometimes I wonder why I was born
When I stop
And look at my life, as it is now
I ain't really got nothin'
Except for some know-how
My family life ain't much to speak of
It reeks of
Non-communication and stubborness
And weak love
Momma's so far away
And Dad is in Cali
Why does grass look greener
On the other side of the valley?
It's just a deception
To keep someone guessin'
Why does life give answers
Then suddenly change the question?
It seems so unfair
And yet we keep on
Just survivin'
Although one day
We'll all be gone
And enter The Freeway
From stage right
Except there's no exit
But no need for stage fright
We'll all be taken care of
And given much leeway
Together forever
Once we join on The Freeway.

(Freeway...The Silent Freeway)
Together forever on the...
Freeway...The Silent Freeway)
No madness, just gladness on the...
(Freeway...The Silent Freeway)
It's MORE than a dream, the...
(Freeway...The Silent Freeway)
Where peace can be seen.

Picture a freeway
Where no one can get hurt
No pavement
No need for it
Just bare feet and dirt
Walkin' for miles and miles
Never gettin' tired
No person's better than another
We're all equally admired
Not like life
Where everyone is competin'
Tryin' hard to be the best
Not worried about who they're beatin'
When one steps on another
To get to the top
In this life, they may succeed
But in the next, they'll get dropped
Into the pit
Of the fiery furnace
And burn, meanwhile
The one to laugh last laughs best
And avoids exile
But now, look at the world
The Creator has planned
He also planned its destruction
And He labelled it Man
Radiation, pollution and discrimination
Why is peace nothin' but another dream
To this nation?
Gang-bangers and crack slangers
Murder and robbery
Third world nations
Livin' in depression and poverty
Not just there, it's everywhere
From deep in L.A.
To the boroughs of New York
I don't see it goin' away
It's a plague spreadin' fast across the land
And we're sinkin' like quicksand
It's hard for me to be a man who understands
Just what to do
With a nation that's facin'
When our law-makers are all basin'
It's vital
For me not to think suicidal
Cuz if I went out like that
I'd have no title
And gettin' to The Freeway
Would be just a dream
Cuz down is the alternative
Where no one can hear you scream.

Freeway...Together forever on The Freeway
Our life will be better on The Freeway
It's more than a dream...The Freeway
There's only one King.
The year...1974
One more
Victim brought into the world
Right after a war
A bouncin' baby boy
His parents are overjoyed
Although it's a Kodak moment
Get the Polaroid
But with all good times
Comes many hardships
When daddy's busy drinkin'
While his boy's still an infant
Then worse comes to worst
And mommy just can't take it
They get a divorce
NOW how's their boy gonna make it
Through the rest of his life?
Not knowin' if he's comin' or goin'
Learnin' right from wrong on his own
Cuz there's no one to show him
Only his grandparents
Who ain't no help to him
They only tell him things
That THEY think should be gettin' through him
Simply too overprotective
That describes 'em best
Now mommy's got a new man
Damn! His life's a bigger mess
Movin' first from an apartment
And then
To a bigger house in the city
Then they move AGAIN!
Could this really be the best for...
Well, we'll say "Vincent"
Names have been changed
To protect the innocent
Anyway, time goes on
And life's gotten worse
Vinnie's spendin' a lot of time
Thinkin' about a hearse
And what it would be like
To become its passenger
Once he'd been visited
By the Lord's Messenger
He thought of The Freeway
And enterin' Paradise...
But would he really get there
If he chose to end his life
In an unnatural way?
In other words, suicide
He thought some more...
"That ain't the way REAL men died"
Decidin' to survive
His life got MORE complicated
He left his home
And his stepdad, who he hated
But leavin' his home
Made him feel MORE alone
He's also leavin' his mother
Now all that's left is the phone
But Vinnie didn't have the courage
To make the call
So, there's no communication at all
And what about his poor brother?
The child's only 3
Without a brother he knows he has
How will HIS life be?
So now Vinnie lives with his grandparents
Who bug him
And nag, and bitch...
He'd love to just slug 'em!
But nah, just stay cool
Don't go out like a fool
Ignore 'em
Just try to keep your mind on school
You're in your last year
Plus you got a girlfriend who's dope
Bam, boom, pow!
And you hope
That this special relationship
Lasts forever and ever
You love her so much
You never met no one better
She's all you need now
If she ever leaves
Your life does, too
It's rather grim
But grimness is what you're used to
But that's enough thinkin' for now
Til another day
Later for The Freeway.
A little freestylin'
For the minds
Of people that said that I'm
Causin' hip-hop to cross over
And that I couldn't rhyme
Sayin' that if I entered a battle I'd lose
And that my rhymes
Would bring me nothin'
Except disses and boos
I got news for you fools
You're in for a surprise
You're fin to witness a lighter rhymer
That's soon gonna rise
Above the other so-called
Vanilla Wafers
Who couldn't tell a rapper from a raper...
So how'd they get in the newspaper?
Awarded a Grammy
So now they think they're an authority
Compared to REAL rappers
They're the least priority
But not to degrade anybody
Cuz puttin' down somebody else is wrong...
I'll save that for the next song
The beat is pumpin'
The bass meter is jumpin'
So I don't understand
Why in their seats
There's people still slumpin'
A different type of flavor
A flavor to be savored
To all you freaks out there
Let's get into some freaky behavior!
Whylin'...Ugh! Ugh!
Is what you got me doin'
Call me Stanley cuz I'm screwin'
My driver...Fore!
I yell as she cries for more and more
Whenever she finishes
You KNOW she'll be leavin' sore.

(Ha-HA! As HELL, ya know what I'm sayin'?... Yo, nothin' sexist or chauvinist here, "ladies," okay?... I'm not tryin' to brag about layin' the pipe to all you pretty young things out there, okay?... Because to me, it's not about just "layin' the pipe"... It's about "makin' love"... That's right. Because I love you ALL!... And when you need me to be there for ya, I'm there, see?... This is all just a reminder of how it can be, whenever YOU decide to make it happen... So anyway, here's the scenario for LAST night's title fight... I love this part.)

Ahem....But anyway...
Back to the subject of battlin'
Rap battles, to me
Are just competitors babblin'
They're not really sayin' nothin'
But how hard they claim to be
In reality, I smell...(pussy!)
Don't you hate
When suckers front on somebody else?
When what the fools are really doin'
Is frontin' on themselves
It's a hypocritical policy
That's how they're livin'
It's like a plea for forgiveness
But refusal to be forgiven
Suckers who be livin' like this
Make me sick
Consider yourself warned
I ain't to be played with
You got the nerve to ask,
"Who do you think YOU are?"
I'm The Marksman, boy
You're momma knows I'm a star
Before, it was Meticulous Marksman
But I had to shorten it
Nobody knew what the hell "meticulous" meant
At first that got me upset
All people had to do
Was look in the dictionary
And upgrade their literary
Lots of luck, nobody did it
Then one day
A so-called fan said,
"Just forget it!"
I actually took their advice
And I dropped it
That same day
My brand-new style was adopted
(Exit the old style, enters the new)
I used to be vulgar and explicit
And all that mess
Then I got wise, and I put it to rest
There ain't no need to be obscene
Hey, but don't get me wrong
You wanna say what you feel?
Go ahead, it's YOUR song!
Just think of it like this...
In this business
You're touchin' the whole wide world
Especially little boys and girls
Why be offensive
And simply out to cause controversy?
Good or bad
You're always at the media's mercy
But instead of bein' negative
Try to write positive
In the way of messages, yo
There's always a lot to give
Today's world needs positive
To conquer negative
And because kids heed musicians
Rather than relatives
Be a role model
Teach 'em what needs to be taught
Not who you're gonna kill
And how many battles you fought
Increase the peace
And do away with this onslaught
And wisen up
Cuz soon you're gonna get caught.
Brothers are yellin'
Drug dealers are sellin'
In the heart of the city
Gang-bangers are bailin'
To the scene of another crime
Too often committed
The police have been notified
Now they're gonna get it
An unwed mother has just committed
Because a drive-by
Has caused her only baby to die
Teenage girls choosin' to work on the streets
Sellin' their bodies
Just to get somethin' to eat
Cops drivin' 'round
In the search of a shakedown
Brothers are their target
The streets are their playground
A damn shame
What the hell is the world comin' to
When you can't trust police
To do what they're supposed to do?
House brothers
Contribute to the situation
A prejudiced mind
Leads to wider discrimination
A mind is a terrible thing to waste
In this case
The shade of their face
Compared with their mind
Is misplaced
It's a way of life
From beat-downs to rumbles
It's typical...
It's just another day in the jungle.

The jungle...Yo, when we gonna get out the jungle?
The jungle...Can somebody please help me?
Jungle, the jungle...We're reachin' the finish line
The jungle...But we're runnin' out of time.

The jungles, the concrete jungles
I mean ghettoes
Containing Pinocchios
Created by demented Gippetos
You'll never see tourists here
There's never a stranger
The ghetto has no attraction
They know they'd be in danger
So-called "higher class"
Lookin' down at "lower class"
With disgust and criticism
They don't give a care
For none of these people's welfare
As long as they're livin' large
And they don't end up there
All this is just my opinion
But it would seem evident
That the finger of blame
Is pointed straight at the president
No, not just the president
The government, in general
For the fact that they love to meddle
In situations with other nations
But what about us?
Have we all died and decayed?
"Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust"?
Instead of helpin' Russians
Why not help ourselves
And those strivin' to escape
But minus the weatlh?
Free cheese, some milk and a check
Doesn't mend situations
For people who go out and spend
Every penny of it
But you can't do anymore for 'em
Just do as little as necessary
And then ignore 'em
Yeah that's the ticket
So YOU think
But that's unacceptable
It's despicable, man
I thought this land was respectable
Politicians are maxin'
While economy crumbles...
It's just another day in the jungle.

The jungle...Talkin' about the jungle
The jungle, the jungle...Gotta try to escape
The jungle, the jungle...What is the world comin' to?
The jungle...Escape from the drugs, violence and rape

Jungle, the jungle...Government disowned us
The jungle, the jungle...Tryin' to survive
The jungle, the jungle...Can we make it alone?
HELL long as we keep the dream alive

(Dream on, dream away)

Homeless families
On the streets, holdin' up signs
They're searchin' for work
To make money, to stay alive
In Cali, Mexicans are hangin' out on the corner
With nothin' else to do
They've illegally crossed the border
Fallen victim to the myth
The United States is all o' that
When we still got suckers
Drivin' 'round with a gat
So the Mexicans take the hint
And get their own caliber weapon
Or keep a knife in their pocket
Whenever they're steppin'
This kind of violent mentality
Must be erased
Not to mention what they're doin' for base
That illegal drug that's poisonin'
Too much of America
You wanna blame Bush but you're scared?
Yo, I'm darin' ya!
But I don't NEED a dare
I'll still say this shit anyway...
He's bringin' it in
And dishin' it out, with no delay
"It's just another import," they say,
"Ain't no harm done...
This stuff ain't gonna kill 'em
Quicker than their own gun"
This type of mentality
Runnin' our country is scary
We'll all just end up in the cemetery
So, my final message for unity is simply this...
Don't find yourself caught dissin'
Just dismiss prejudice
And continue like this
And stand together forevermore
The motto of The Marksman...
"Make peace, and not war"
Will soar.

Believe that...To the 3000's, y'all...Peace.
(You know what I like...You know what I like...Drop it!)

Step on up
The party's packed
From front to back
Girlies stacked
And fiendin' for the bozack
As I grab the mic
They all yell, and holler and scream
As their panties get creamed
So I just continue my funky flow
Then I let you know...
It's time to let the horns go
Smooth, you're now in the groove
And it seems I've proved
I'm fully capable of makin' you move
You've been introduced to a sound
Much higher than the underground
Though pound for pound
It's gettin' ya down
Who's the MC that makes ya feel free?
On his own, occasionally with Double-D
The one who lets ya let yourself go
And at the same time
Helps your mind know
There is no other this shade
That can rock the mic
And still stay true to the game
While gainin' much fame
Call this is a freestyle, if ya will
All I know
Is it's the funkiest shit
This side of Capitol Hill
I mean Cypress
Don't even try to try us
We'll greet you and beat you
You'll end up sayin' we're the flyest
Of all that are fly
It's been like that from the time we were born
Original macks
Cuz we give 'em the horn....
Give it to 'em!

Original macks, cuz we give 'em the horn...

(You know what I like...)

People wanna know
How a white kid like me
Ever got to be so damn funky
I don't have an answer to give 'em
But I just know I gotta play somethin' else
When I hear a wack-ass rhythm
It might have been the boys
From the other side of town
Who introduced me to this funky sound
And when I got the style down
I became the one
Pullin' all of the hotties around
With brothers fiendin' for the rhyme scheme
I was soon at the top
It still seemed like a dream
I thought of the times
I used to kneel at my window sill
Starin' at the sky so still
"I wish I may, I wish I might"
I used to talk to the stars
Shinin' so bright in the night
"Please make me a winner
Bless me with success
To become what I wanna
I gotta strive for the best"
So, I sat and wrote rhymes that I knew about
Hardship, life
But not puttin' someone's head out
See, the message I came upon with was this...
Treat others equal
Don't face 'em with prejudice
But this ain't the time
For me to be speakin' on racial issues
It's time for the horn to blow
No need for facial tissues...

Give 'em the horn!

(Horny...Am I horny!)

(Yeah, but what do you mean "Give 'em the horn"?)
A wind instrument
Usually made of brass
Creatin' a sound
Makin' ya shake your--
As we go a little somethin' like this
You resist to miss
Or diss or boo or hiss
You'd kiss this
Master of Ceremony
If I chose to let you
You know that if I wanted to
I'd get you and wet you
Wet like a disposable towelette
And then what?
Well, just how smooth can a vowel get?
"A-E I-O-U...
A steamy and hot love affair
Because I love you!"
But hold up, wait a minute!
You say that you love me?
Yo, honey...
You're only 16?
I thought you were at least 20!
I just fell victim to the crime of the century
No thang
I'll be damned if I let honey get to me
And that's the other meanin' of horn givin'...
Arousin' the hoochies until they're driven
To hesitate no longer
But I wait
Until their feelin's get stronger
By that time
I'm doin' somethin' I'll probably regret
Then again...huh
They're gettin' somethin' they'll never forget
So you see
The horn can be
So very
In every way that it's given
Remember, then
And don't be ever forgettin'
After givin'
It's ALWAYS the best to be gettin'...
The horn.

This is some shit for your ass
As if you needed any more in that hole
Yo, The Marksman has arrived
So commence to roll
Out the red carpet
Because I'm fin to start it
You talked some shit
Now I'mma grab my gat
And your head's the target
I'mma spark it
Just like a Zippo lighter
About to start a fire
Within your dome
You just entered The Dead Zone
You went out like a sucker
And now you're just a cadaver
I cut you open
Vultures made your intestines unravel
Feelin' sick to your stomach?
Just take some Pepto, and let go
Cuz pain is irrelevant
When there's no more tomorrow
Say your prayers, filthy animal
I won't even count to ten
1, 2, 10!
And now a coffin's your best friend
Yo, let me break it down for ya
I'm ruthless
Just call me the Road Warrior
And step
And when you see me in the street
Step, with pep
Or prepare for defeat
The brothers say,
Dig the white kid!
He's comin' off hard as hell!"
Sure they're right
And I fly high like the Memphis Belle
But not as high as the rock can take ya
Don't hit a spliff
Cuz I ain't from Jamaica
Ain't down with nasty-ass dread locks
My rhymes are like hemlock
Like the process of wedlock
You havin' second thoughts
Of continuin' to mess with me, G?
Yo, hold up...wait!
What's come over me?
(It's a roller coast of action...)

(Get on up...) and take some... (action!)

This should be called reform
As you watch me perform
Throughout the nation
Across the seven seas
And over the river
Through the woods
I make grandmother shiver
Thinkin' back to the days of slaves
And segregation... hmmmm
That's kinda what we're STILL facin'
Rememberin' back to The Audubon Ballroom
Harlem, New York
Is where we fell to our doom
Fightin' to uplift
Meanwhile, our grip slips
Another one of life's big dips
Make it a double
That's not as low as you can go
Let's make a widow out of Yoko
Oh no, Mr. Bill!
This world is ill
There's always a remedy
So let's invent a pill
One that combines the effects of peace
Like a table of goodwill
We've all come to feast
To the east
Forever foreward, we journey on...
But that ain't the name of this song
You're wrong
If you think you're better than another
We're all created equal
Like sister and brother
Or so we've been taught
But if that's the case
Why is nuff props given
If you've got a lighter face?
"But who are YOU to talk?," you ask me
Hey, I know the feelin' of cops drivin' past me
Hawkin' me
Like I'm some kind of criminal
I wonder, "Do they wanna kill me?"
Cuz I got a logo promotin' a gun
I'm thinkin', "Run!"
Until I realize that the real one
Is in HIS holster
Besides, I'd never commit a crime
Yo, you should have listened to my rhyme
When I said
"It's just another day in the jungle"
The action began...
Now let the drum go.

(It's a roller coast of action...)
We're ready for action, no more relaxin'...

And take some...(action)

The state or process of doin'
An act
So get on track, and get it movin'
We sat long enough
Now it's time for a stand
Raise our voices
And cultivate this wasteland
To form and refine
I've gone for mine
So go for yours
And do away with the chores
Of society
Because a change is necessary
To raise our mentality
And change our vocabulary
Cuz proper speech patterns
Is a sign of intelligence
Step by step
We'll end this negligence
You call me hypocrite
Cuz I speak in slang
It ain't the same thang
YOU call it a black thang!
But that's what I mean
That's my point, exactly
You tell me you're down
Behind my back you jack me
Who's side are you on?
You'd better make up your mind
To separate the good from the bad
Don't take much time
And time's what we don't have
We used too much already
Why you think today's humanity's a "deadly medly"?
To achieve wealth
And to maintain the proper health
You must possess stealth
And have pride in self
"Ahh, what a glorious day!" you realize
A new world appears before your eyes
Nothin' to criticize
That's your reaction
Life is worth livin'
Now we're ready for action.

One step, two steps
One step at a time
We're on our way to the mountaintop
No fallin' behind
Easy does it
Cuz that's the way it has to be done
To put our hands together
We gotta let go of the gun
What good is it doin' ya?
I just can't understand
Do you feel it protects ya?
Does it make you a man?
Damn, how does THAT shit sound?
A man you ain't
Untie the bind on your mind
Cuz there's too much restraint
If you think that you're all that
Why don't you put down the gat?
Put up your dukes, chap
We'll see how you scrap
I didn't think so, amigo
Now crawl back to your hole
If you refuse to be a leader
Don't try playin' the role
Because relaxin' and maxin'
Ain't allowed when you're taxin'
My reaction to Jackson is tell him,
"Take a step back, son!"
And if he refuse
I don't harass him or bash him
I proceed to proceed
Because I'm ready for action.
This jam ain't hard to put up with
You're tempted to pump it
Up, inside your ride
Cuz the rhythm is, um...thick!
Smooth, to a point
But forever gettin' rougher
Those who opposed
Had to learn the word "suffer"
And suffer they did
They unknowingly placed a high bid
Thinkin' they could be like me
And do what I did
By blowin' your mind
When sayin' what I gotta say
In a funky rhyme
Except they never came on time!
Don't even step to the Triple-D
The Disciples Dissin' Discipline
Got it goin' on, ya see
Oooh, I gotta jump back
And kiss myself
I would drink to celebrate
But it ain't good for my health
Gimme a Snapple
Preferrably raspberry iced tea
Or a fruit PUNCH
And his partner, Judy
Like Ralph Kramden
I'm bussin' your ass, to the next stop
My hammer is cocked
And then your neck pop
Crackle, snap
I'm puttin' Buffalo on the map
Get with this, or get with that
But that's wack!
Don't waste your time
With a rhyme that's worth a dime
I'm goin' for mine...
And it's about time.

It's about time
For a rhyme design
That's genuine and divine
From the creative mind
Known as Double-D
No one can get with me
The p-o-e-t
That's the way it's gotta be
To be the best
I must confess
So I'll express
Not like the rest
So I guess that I'm on a quest
Or a route to get clout
And without a doubt
You're out in the first bout
That's what gangsters are all about
But I'll kick bass
Not to disgrace my race
My face is out of place
When I pick up the pace
And let lyrics go, when I flow
Bet you didn't know
That I have more soul
Than there's snow in Buffalo
When I release
I can't cease with the masterpiece...
At a party I drink Bacardi and act naughty
Don't dress gaudy it'll start me
To continue with the menu
On rhymes I get revenue
So rappin's my venue
Or somethin' I can do
I christen, my rhymes glisten
So now, you got a listen
Of the other Disciple
And discipline's what I'm dissin'.

Flowin' and goin' and showin'
You MUST be knowin' by now
That I'm always ready to go toe-to-toe
And how!
Back to back
With any amateur new jack
Who ain't got no friends, only enemies
What's up with that?
Gainin' respect
By keepin' suckers in check
And all the while I keep the honeys wet
And that you can bet
I'm like the flavor of the month
So call me a Black Sheep
Create my rhymes under covers
Because the brain never sleeps
Whether I'm inside my girl
Or coolin' out at the mall
I'm bound to make up a lyric
That's WAY more potent than 8-Ball
If he said, she said
I ain't tryin' to hear it
If the puddin' is stale
Then I ain't goin' near it
Because I'm not the type of guy
To do whatever is clever
But however
If it's a clever endeavor
Then I'll never say never
You gotta give me some room to breathe
Cuz if I can't breathe
How can you get what you need?
A kickin' beat
Combined with a rhyme
That's designed
To bring out the best steps you can find
In your mind
Or pay your partner a fine
So you can take their steps
And bump, wiggle and grind
As I go for mine
I'm stylin' divine
I know you love it...
It's about time.

Pump your fist
And get a load of this
It's the lyricist, the Double-D
And I don't miss at this
Or at that
Get your get when I attack
And let go a mic blow
To put you on your back
From my verse
Without a curse
I dropped the vulgarity
It's about time
Rappers rhyme with sincerity
Kick facts and info-
Mation for the nation
Education with motivation
Leads to salvation
Freedom and liberty
With an end to all of the poverty
No more bigotry
And property is held properly
But that's just my dream
And it seems it can't come true
They say we're the same
But it's a shame what we've been through
M-L-K, J-F-K
What did the people say?
It's time for change, rearrange
There's no other way
To get what we gotta get
Go where we gotta go
So I hit who I gotta hit
And flow when I gotta flow
The law has a flaw
When they censor my rhyme
So revolution's the solution
And it's about time.