Point Blank (1997)

Track list:
1. Point Blank* (3:39)
2. A.L.A.R.M.* (6:10)
3. Hear the Flow (4:46)
4. Peace of What? (2:31)
5. The Darkness* (5:16)
6. No Trouble* (2:08)
7. This Ain't Nothin' (4:08)
8. Break It Down (4:32)
9. Smooth As It Goes (5:54)
10. Busta, You're My Hero (1:40)
11. Misc. Joint (3:00)
Bonus demo tracks, available on CD only:
12. What We Do (1:51)
13. Better Off Dead (4:18)
14. X(XX)-on (5:33)

*featured in Jason Paul Collum's independent horror film, 5 DARK SOULS, Part 2

Serious, often inspiring lyrics and heavy beats, Mark's debut rap album has been called "a much-needed sound in hip-hop"!

Words and music ©1997 Mark Baranowski
I give it to ya Point Blank
Hence the name Marksman
Writin' rhymes, tellin' you like it is
Makin' sparks, and
I know this shit don't fit my persona...
Do I look someone that rocks the microphone?
I take pride in my whiteness
While brothers blubber ebonics
I practice politeness, and proper grammar
I never stammer
And if I did a crime, which I wouldn't
I would die before I went to the slammer
Because that's just a waste of a lifetime
When times are hard, use your mind
Not a .9
I know, talk is cheap
But at least you can afford it
Take it for what it's worth
Or else just ignore it
And that comes from one
Who never went to college
But still stands tall and proud
Burstin' with knowledge
I thank God I look good
In fact, I look REAL good
If you think I'm conceited then I've been misunderstood
Confidence is the key
Words to live by
So many die unhappy cuz they didn't try
To take that giant step
Into the unknown
They'd rather live alone, why?
They're gonna die alone!
Why people wanna waste their earthly time
I can't understand
I'm just doin' my part to lend a helpin' hand
To my fellow man
So I reach the Promised Land
And start from the beginning
Back to where it all began.

Point Blank, cuz when you come, come correct
I'M comin' correct and direct, gainin' respect
Point Blank...when you come, come correct
I'm pullin' no punches and keepin' suckers in check.

People tend to get to me
When I let the bass go
They say it's too loud
Is it, just cuz they say so?
So do I turn it down?
HELL, no!
Yo, do I turn it down?
Imagine that!
Do I turn it down?
FUCK, no!
There's a sayin'
If it's too damn loud, you're too damn old!
The new generation is in effect
Collectin' cash money and cashin' checks
But never forgettin' where we began
Rememberin' our childhood homes
Away from which we ran
Kickin' up sand cuz life is just a beach
Searchin' for happiness that's STILL out of reach
Keep on prayin' to the Lord
Cuz we can't give up hope
That He may, everyday, help us to cope
It takes much discipline, I gotta say, but
As the Disciples Dissin' Discipline
We're livin' that way
We know our right from wrong
And we always stay right
Unless a sucker motherfucker steps up
And wants to fight
In the name of the Father
The Son and Holy Spirit
We're cappin' ya Point Blank

So everybody fear it.


California, I'm cappin' ya Point Blank
Mexico, I'm cappin' ya Point Blank
Puerto Rico, I'm cappin' ya Point Blank
Buffalo...I'm comin' at ya Point Blank.

Punk bitches, I'm cappin' ya Point Blank
Hypocrites, I'm cappin' ya Point Blank
Corrupt police people, I'm cappin' ya Point Blank
All pretty ladies, I'm comin' at ya Point Blank.

Drug users, I'm cappin' ya Point Blank
Alcoholics, I'm cappin' ya Point Blank
Men beatin' up on their women, cappin' ya Point Blank
Imitators...I'm comin' at ya Point Blank.

Rednecks, I'm cappin' ya Point Blank
Don't talk shit or I'll be cappin' ya Point Blank
Don't test me or I'll be cappin' ya Point Blank
If you're down, I'm comin' at ya Point Blank.
Armed Like A Renegade Mercenary

A-L-A-R-M, I'm on a mission
From God
The power of Christ compells you, now listen
If you ain't down with the Good News
Choose or lose, clown
Heaven-sent, or hell-bound
It makes no difference to me and my posse
The Disciples Dissin' Discipline is who we be
You won't see me or hear me
As I creep
No time to watch your back
So don't sleep
I'm fully strapped
Ready to peel a fool's cap back
The minute he steps to me and pops that bullcrap
Jack, just step back
Before you get smacked
My crew is a militia that's about to attack
The Black Panthers flipped inside out is us
The White Cheetahs
You NEED us
Cuz no one can beat us
We're invincible
It's visible, fool, that you're a faker
A heartbreaker
Now you just met your maker
Our calling card reads the triple-D
Just like D.D.T.
We're deadly as we wanna be
And we got short fuses
You can't diffuse us
Your knick-knack-paddy-wack games don't amuse us
And suckers who diss
We dismiss with prejudice
HELL naw, they ain't shit to us
Cuz this is OUR business
And they need to exit it
Because WE invented it
And now they get smoked
Well, they could have prevented it
But NOO...They had to go and act smart
Talkin' behind our backs
Frontin' like they had heart
But hot DAMN, minuteman
With a zip, and boom-bam!
You're kissin' the pavement
And realize you ain't flam
In order to get with us, yo
You need a game plan
But even with a game plan
You end up in pain, man
Gimme all the mean looks you want
You don't scare me
A-L-A-R-M, I'm your huckleberry.

Armed Like A Renegade Mercenary

On the real tip
I never used to be one
To start no trouble
I used to keep to myself, that's it
I never talked about nobody
And that kept me from gettin' into trouble
I never saw a rumble
But then I got a girl
And that's when the shit started
Enter Mr. Marksman
Cuz Mr. Nice Guy departed
I saw how ignorant fools really are, today
They see a couple in love
And try to get in the way
Tellin' lies that I'm foolin' 'round, behind her back
All the while, they're tryin' to get my boo in the sack
She wasn't havin' it
And when I found out
I cold flipped, and tripped
My temper flared, and ALL that shit
Ever since then, my mentality is fuck 'em all
If you dare to test me
You care to take a fall
And don't let my old man hear about a brawl
His Wrecking Crew is rougher than mine
It just takes a phone call
They don't give a DAMN
Who feels like actin' up
If you're a cop, it don't matter
You're probably corrupt
Now that my girl and myself are no longer
And no other girl wants to talk to me
I've gotten stronger
Bottom line bein' that if you step up
You step down
Music man, hit the ALARM sound.

Armed Like A Renegade Mercenary

The Disciples Dissin' Discipline
That's the crew that I'm in
The boys are in back
While I'm in front, with the rhymin'
There's Don with the quick step
He fights with a lead pipe
And Bob on his side
Bustin' shit with a left, right
Straight to your jaw
Til' he hears you mumble "uncle"
Then comes Roger and Curtis
Now there's a rumble
Claimin' backup is Owen and Greg
Out to break legs
Tom's takin' charge
Now you're walkin' on pegs
We got the brothers
Doc's wreckin' shop, feedin' you soil
Makin' you choke on it
You're fallin' victim to turmoil
Tahir's oppressin' ya
Molestin' ya, testin' ya
Piss on Islam, and his fists are blessin' ya
Chauncey, Teddy, Henry
Get NUFF respect
Forrest, Hollis and Thomas
Got your shit in check
Nate and Tony and Will
Makin' ya feel ill
And Phil, Sam and Tuffy
Show you the real deal
My crew even spreads out from town to town
If I got beef
My back is covered from all around
From the days of wayback
Richie's bustin' caps with a 40
And Derek and Ed
Are known for bein' naughty
Oh, the ladies...
There's several in our clan
There's Lisa and Jenny
But no respect to MaryAnn
There's Leah, Michelle and Chris
Don't ever diss this
The honeys are hostile
They're FAR from Swiss Miss
And if I had a girl
She wouldn't be a member
But she'd be all that I'd live for
I could NEVER forget her
And if you'd mess with her
You'd mess with me and the posse
We'd pull out a bottle
Like Martini and Rossi
And smash your head
And crash your head, and then some
Next thing you know, you're on the ground
You're overcome
But what'd you expect?
You thought we wouldn't find out?
It just so happens it gets back to us quick
Cuz we got much clout
Suckers be warned
The Hit List is gettin' large
And nothin' can save ya
Not even camouflage.

Armed Like A Renegade Mercenary
Hear the flow with no slow tempo...

Here's a flow with no slow tempo
Without a curse
I gotta rehearse a verse first
Burstin' bubbles
Makin' trouble for MC's
Before you test crackers like these
We're a band, and you're a fan
We're like the Klan
We stick together and we're better
We take a stand
Against fools like you
What YOU gonna do
When White Lightnin' strikes the ground
You're through
I ain't a racist, and I ain't prejudiced
All I'm sayin' to you studio gangsters is
I'm bettin' this
Shit you're poppin' is all a fantasy
YOU couldn't bust a cap
Don't try handin' me that nonsense
Anyone with common sense could tell ya
That bullshit ain't gonna sell, huh
The days of NWA are over and done with
Even Dre says "that's it"
Besides, did you ever see them get a Grammy?
Don't try denyin' it
I KNOW you understand me
Look where that shit got Tupac
Laid to rest
One lung left in his chest
Now who's next?
Who needs the military?
We got our own war in the streets
One after another gets beat
Day after day
And night after night
Way back in the day
It all came down to a fistfight
It's much too easy, nowadays
For one to get a gat
Too many comin' back strapped.

(Ya know? And a man can't even get a pack of cigarettes without the proper ID...
Ain't THAT a bitch)

Hear the flow with no slow tempo...

Here's a flow with no slow tempo
I caught ya prayin', mantis
Oh no, I didn't plan this
It's from the top of my head
I heard somebody said
I'm a white-bred, cracker jack, Right Said Fred-head
Who's got no business in the rappin' game
Isn't that funny?
When it comes to fame
I'M the one the suckers claim
Ironic, isn't it?
Though I must admit it
After this album hits a million
I'll probably forget it
It's just to prove to myself
That I'm as funky
As any jungle monkey

Gettin' paid, rockin' the mic
And dissin' honkeys
Yo, where'd you get that beat from?
They ask, I respond
"Does a magician give out his secrets? Relax!"
If it sounds familiar
It's deja vu like a motherfucker
The first time around deserved another
Play, hey hey hey!
I'm into recyclin'
Glass, plastic, papers, beats
I get hyper when
I hear an unfamiliar break beat
I come on the sheets
Not really, but I loop it
And make it complete
So much for THIS magician keepin' quiet
Nevertheless it's copywritten
So don't even try it
Buy it, don't deny it
It's smooth as it can be
Flavor you savor, sweeter than candy
I make my music for the strippers
Erotic dancers, showgirls
Whatever you fancy to call 'em
So many suckers wanna ball 'em
With no respect
No, they don't love 'em
They just wanna maul 'em, damn!
Why must there always be
Someone to spoil a good thing
I'm ashamed to be a man
Cuz I don't think with my ding-a-ling
You won't see me at the "gentleman's club", G
If that's what you call their clientele
That ain't me.

(I mean, you MIGHT happen to see me there...
If it's a stag party or somethin'. I can't go out like a party pooper)

Here's a flow with no slow tempo...

It's time to break it down
Before it's time to break outta here
Never fear, I'll be back next year
To bring you somethin' new to continue
Addin' lighter, brighter
Hype flavor to the menu
Can you dig it?
I-I knew that you could
I'm a prized possession
Like a man's mornin' wood
I'm too good to let go
Better than the rest
I treat others like they were Elliot Ness
I'd be afraid to diss 'em
Cuz I hate to start shit
But if some comes about
I'm finishin' it
I got long hair
I got white skin
I don't wear sneaks
But I know Nike's "in"
I was raised Catholic
Now I begin again
I'm down with Jesus
Praisin' Allah's a sin
I love white girls
So brother, don't worry about me
Takin' your sister
I wouldn't even kiss her
I sport International Male
"Got it goin' on" gear
Never seen in Timberlands
And Walker Wear
I don't smoke blunts
I treasure each and every one of my brain cells
Pray tell, plus the bud smells
These are some differences
But here's a similarity
With clarity
Someone like me is a rarity
Because I look good
Hip-hop still looks good
Got the picture, Black?
I hope it's understood
All that SHOULD be important is makin' music
Not WHO'S makin' it, but how we use it
Kick the facts
And stay on point
Don't be negative...
Let's rock the joint!
(Aw, yeah. This is The Marksman, in full effect. Kickin' it in my home studio, AKA "The Coolout Shelter," you know what I'm sayin'? Here in sunny Charlotte, North Carolina. I had to relocate the studio, a LONG way from Buffalo, New York, where I was born and raised. I say I had to relocate because if I put up with one more winter in Buffalo I would have died... so I said "Fuck this!"
So some people want some personal stats... alright. I was born Mark Christopher Baranowski on April 28, 1974... Yeah, I'm Polish, so whatchu sayin'?
Alright, that's personal enough. You wanna get more personal, write me a letter. I'll answer it personally.
Anyway, this record's about the state of the world today, and what it's gonna be like tomorrow if we all don't chill the fuck out, you know what I'm sayin'?
Peep this.)
Black boy
Raised in the hood
Goes to school, but ain't doin' too good
Forget about it

Why beat a dead horse?
Does without it
He'll use the Force
Knowledge gained only in the street
You step to homeboy
Your ass gets beat
No questions asked
No answers given
Any more static, you're no longer livin'
Givin' a bad case of the brain drain
If your head gets in the way of the bullet
No more pain
On the contrary, if you don't die
You'll wish you did
Livin' as a veggie's a lifetime bid
Where could this rage have come from?
Reason...what could it be?
I don't know, you tell me!
An unhappy home?
No father figure?
Cruel motherfuckers, too many callin' him "nigger"?
Whatever the explanation
Throughout the nation
This, for instance, makes NO sense
But if he try to step to ME
I'll show him the meanin' of white p-r-i-d-e

(Hold it! I said hold it!... THAT'S what I'm talkin' about! It's this never-ending cycle of revenge, and one ignorant fool tryin' to rule over the other guy that's gonna bring this world to an end. We are, INDEED, headin' for Armaggedon, and it's like that! You all know what you NEED to be doin'... There's just too many of you that are too stubborn to take action.

But I wouldn't want anybody preachin' to me, so you know what? I'm not even gonna say anymore. As a matter of fact, hell with the record, too. Just think about it.)
The Darkness
Surroundin' me as I stroll down the block
Been walkin' awhile
But I don't look at the clock
I mean, watch on my wrist
Which is temptin' me quite a bit
I'm havin' a vision of a knife and a slit
But naw, I would never have the gutsTo pull one of them moves
Since life is a game
Doin' that would make me lose
And I ain't a loser
I've been taught to be a winner
Sure, I've made some mistakes
But in the end, we're ALL sinners
These things I think about at times like this
When problem-solving is difficult
It's what I hate to get involved in
But nevertheless, these problems keep on occurrin'
Between me, my family and friends

It seems that we're in a constant struggle
To see which one is the most stubborn
This shit will continue on
Until ONE of us learns
To leggo the ego
And strive for some compromise
Cuz if we did
So many teary eyes wouldn't be advertised
What's goin' on?
It's hard to keep goin' on
When everything in life
Seems to keep goin' wrong
Lord, grant me the strength to persevere
Show me the light
So I may conquer my fear.

The Darkness swallows me
It's gettin' hard to breathe
It taunts me, holds me fast
Tells me I can't leave
Every sound is magnified, it's deafening
I cover my ears
But I can still hear everything
Who's that? Are they talkin' about ME?
Christ, I'm paranoid
Why won't you SAVE me
From myself
I can't do it alone
I'm afraid to go home
Strangers tie up my telephone
Nothin' but wrong numbers
Does anyone know I'm alive?
Does anyone care if I live or die?
I don't know how much farther down
This pit of despair can take me
If this is a dream, someone please wake me!
I don't wanna hit the flatline
Bring back reality
I don't wanna be the one labelled a technicality
Hands reachin' out of the night
Tryin' to drag me down
I fall to my knees
Then they lead me underground
Without a sound
Eyes wide, it doesn't matter
Even if I had 'em closed
There'd be no ignoring the chatter
Of the tiny demons in my head
Tellin' me to do things
That make me think I'm better off dead
"Destroy your enemy,
And then destroy yourself...
This world will only wear down your body
And your mental health...
You owe it to yourself, SAVE yourself
Pick up the gun you use to advertise yourself with...
You get it?
Get with it."

Then out of the Darkness
There comes a great beam of light
All the creatures, in fright, take flight
Like the vermin of the world
Scared of the Chosen
Take it however, scared stiff
Or simply frozen
They know their time is gettin' shorter
Crime doesn't pay
Is all I have to say
In the end, there's no other way
But righteousness
I thank the Lord I realized in time
If my head hadn't cleared when it did
I would have lost my mind
Life's too short to begin with
We're better off
Keepin' a positive attitude
It doesn't make you "soft"
Too many people pretend
They're stronger than they really are
Open yourself to others
On your own, you won't get far
People make up a family
Somewhere SOMEBODY cares for ya
Open your heart and THEN your mouth
They can't ignore ya
You're never alone
As a rapper, I make it known
Though I may promote weaponry
Hatred ain't what I condone
We only live twice
If not for this life, do it for the next
Our earthly purpose isn't all about sex
And money, and goin' for yours
There's others to think about
Live every day like it's your last
Peace...I'm out.
This ain't nothin'
But somethin' to bob your head to
No intro is necessary
Just let me step through
Your speakers
The honeys in the crowd are gettin' weaker
The fellas are jellin' me
Cuz their chance is gettin' bleaker
And ooh!, it's gotta hurt
Yeah I know the feelin', partner
For years, every weekend
Left me goin' home harder and harder
With no one but Rosie de Palma to ease me
I prayed and I prayed
Someone would come along and please me
But this gave me nothin'
But time to focus on myself
I started workin' and rymin'
And increasin' my mental health
And good things really DO come to those souls who wait
Here I am
YOU may have brought her
But now she's MY date
Then again
I don't want her, you can have her
She's too fat for me, see
I got my conditions
I ain't a freak
My name ain't Humpty
To all the pretty SKINNY girls in the audience
Sway to this...
Raise your hands
You won't be missed.

This ain't nothin' but somethin' to bob your head to...

After a show
I go through the remainin' ho's
I mean honeys
Who ain't tired
And didn't blow all of their money
I pick out the best one
Or two, or maybe three
We'll go out for pie and coffee
Of course they'll wanna treat me
So I let 'em
Thinkin' about how wet I'm gonna get 'em
When I bet 'em
We won't be in my shower
Two hours after I met 'em
That's how it goes
With me and ho's (HONEYS)
Well, is it because
I got so much soul, or money
It makes me wonder
Then all doubts diminish
When I take home a virgin
Who doesn't want me to finish
And cries that she
loves me
The next mornin', uh-oh...
Do I fall in love?
I've so often heard it's a no-no
I don't know
Although it's never as good as the first time
I probably could get used to THIS girl
She's divine
And I'll never forget
When she first took a look at the schwantz
And squealed...
"It's just my bungee cord, call it Johnson"
Tryin' to please me
She asked what she should do
I wasn't ready to screw
I said, "Just do what you must get used to."

Cuz this ain't nothin' but somethin' to bob your head to...

Last, but not least
The matter of this beat
I gotta rule
It's GOTTA be funky
Or else I hit DELETE
For the street
Certain people insist on a sound that bumps
Heard from miles away
It's like a bomb in your trunk
I don't choose to use a bass line
In everything I do
The purpose gets defeated
When the police have to harass you
For playin' it too loud
Disturbin' the peace, and such
And if your speaker blows
I'd say there's too much
"Turn it down"
But that ain't what I make this shit for
It's another form of expression
Whether mellow or hardcore
Cuz I can flip the script
As well as any other motherfuckin' brother
So get out my grill
Ignorant sucker
And deal with the fact
That I don't have to be black
Or come strapped
To talk shit
I use my rap to back it up with
And I'm gonna be around a long time
Get used to me
My style, my profile
Your girl wantin' to do me
And all for the sake of makin' music
If you got it, flaunt it...
If you don't use it, you lose it.

And that's the truth...
It's to the youth...
This ain't nothin' but somethin' to bob your head to...
The horn.
I don't often dance
But I like to
Take me out
You never know what I might do
Once I see the girls
In the tight pants
How can I resist?
I'll take a chance
Move me, soothe me
Groove with me
Girl, I'll take you home
If you do me
Sometime next week
Or two, or three
Or next month
I can wait, but don't front
If you don't want me
Let me know NOW
I'll make ya say WOW
Cuz I got the know-how
Fellas seem to keep gettin' jealous
When I step into the place
They get careless
They talk junk about me
And then the girls wanna know if it's true
Then they don't wanna leave without me!
I'll tell ya
I wish it didn't take me so long
To get my groove on
I woulda had it goin' on
All the way back
To the first grade
Ah, well...
So I was delayed
Now I play my cards right
Cuz I know
What's in my best interest
I never go
Off the path
That stays straight and narrow
Just like the bone
Not the one with the marrow
Care o-f M-a-r-k-s-m-a-n
Once I've taken a breath
I'll begin again
Break it down.

Breakdown, go ahead and give it to me
Breakdown, break down...

It's a party jam
Man, it's quite flam
It ain't for slow dancin'
And the past tense of run is ran
It's a sin to say, "Goddamn!"
This is a freestyle
Straight from The Marksman
Beware of the sirens
Because I'm alarmin'
Just like Prince Charmin'
I'm a truly romantic
Frantic white boy
With amazing antics
I rock the mic
Unlike any other sucker MC
Who thinks he can beat me
Believe me
If you attempt to step with pep
You're wrecked
You should have known
Because behind your ears
You're still wet
So take time to grow up
Or throw up
You know what?
Your ho gives up butt for a cut
Now she's a dough nut
But I would never glaze her
Or graze her, or phase her
Call me The Ripper
I'd just pull out my razor
And slash her
Now I just caused a disaster
But I don't give a damn
That's the life of a masher
I'll bet I had you thinkin' my mind is psychotic
Not quite
I ain't the one that's doin' narcotic
I know you're feelin' the effects of the high
I guess that's why There's red in your eye
And you struggle to get by
Lots of luck, boy
You're sure gonna need some
You said you're a B-boy
I label you B-bum
You scum
Get off of the crack pipe
You ass wipe
While you were suckin'
Your girl was fuckin' me, last night
And DAMN it was hype
She must have learned from a master
When I started laggin'
She STILL wanted it faster!
Nuff respect to her
For cheatin' on you, punk
Now she's part of MY crew
Cuz we got the new funk
So break it down.

Breakdown, go ahead and give it to me
Breakdown, break down...

B-r-e-a-k I-t D-o-w-n
And then I begin again
The groove is smooth
And I'll improve the jack move
And you can't prove
That my lyrics don't soothe
Cuz when I'm in the mood
I warm hearts and spark minds
Dim the lights
Until the rhyme is outta time
Then rewind
So you can listen again and again
Tell a friend
So we can teach the children
To stay on the straight and narrow path
You laugh
It may sound amusing
But think of the aftermath...
Down and out
But not in Beverly Hills
The cup of life is leakin'
And we're all out of refills
This shit is ill
But somethin' we must consider
And if the kids don't wanna listen
There's always the sitter
Cuz for yourself
You must strive for wealth
And good health
You'll get there one day
With or without stealth
And once you arrive
You'll never want to turn back
What, you worry?
You ain't tryin' to hear that
So knowledge, peace

Clean sheets, and understandin'
Love for yourself
And others
I'm demandin'

Break it down.
Smooth as it goes
And very mellow
Like a willow
Slip into somethin' comfortable
Lay down on the pillow
And take it easy
I'll be here for ya
I got our night planned out
And it ain't gonna bore ya, girl
The moonglow's comin' through the window
As I go
Over to ya
And in a whisper
I let ya know...
"Tonight we're gonna be in a paradise of our own"
We're finally alone
So reach over
And unplug the phone
Girl, let's get busy
I'll make it gentle
And tender
And smooth
Do what you like, I'll approve
I've waited long, it's been hard
VERY hard
No pun intended
You know I respect ya
Don't wanna get you offended
I'm only human
If I get carried away
Just stop me
I'd hate for you to love me and tease me
Then drop me
I'd never do it to YOU
Don't do it to ME, please
I love you, you're my lady
Not just a single night skeeze

I need you as a partner and friend
Not just a lover
And now I'm gonna love you
Like I never loved another
So close your eyes
And let me start to do work
You'll be in ecstasy
Cuz I won't try to make it hurt
And now we proceed
To move into the groove
And I'll soothe your mood
Because tonight I'll be smooth.

To get the night started right
I gently kiss your lips
The way you're rubbin' and lovin' me
How can I resist?
I lean into you
And suck on your neck
And tickle your ear
I'm not gonna bite ya
Unless you want me to, my dear
So now you're gettin' hot
And you don't want me to stop kissin'
Along your whole body
There's no spot I'll be missin'
So I make my way
Down to your chest
I mean breasts
And keep on travellin' south
Yeah, you know the rest
Your legs are silky and smooth
Like in the name of this jam
What's that? You want more?
Then grab ahold of my hand
And place it anywhere
Onto your lovely body you'd like to
I'd do ANYTHING, with pleasure
There's no end to what I'd do
You say I should slow it down
We're movin' too fast
The night is still young
And you wanna make it last
So I ease back
Just a little, not too much
You've got me heated up
And I melt at your touch
Pretty soon
Moan and groan
On and on and on
We keep it up until dawn
And then we finally fall asleep in each other's arms
We don't wanna move
Could I have made it TOO smooth?

Now that the night is through
I turn over and see
You breathin' so softly and peacefully
Right next to me
I reach out
And I caress your face and smile
Because I know
I've finally found a girl
To make my life worthwhile
Before I had you
I had nothin', I was lonely
Now my life has reached a new height
All this time that you've known me
I pray that we're together forever
Baby, I want you
And there's no one
Who could love you
HALF as much as I do
I know that for a fact
Just from the way that I feel
Some say it's not true love
But I KNOW it's for real
A lot of people enjoy gettin' in our business
Forget 'em
They like to keep on talkin' their nonsense
Well let 'em
Cuz if we just ignore 'em
We'll be fine for a long time
As long as we keep sayin'
That I'm yours and you're mine
But in the meantimeNo more talkin'
Let's get with this here
We'll start all over
First I kiss your neck
And tickle your ear
And so on
And like I said before
We keep on
Until the break of dawn
Or til our energy's gone
Whichever comes first
But til then, let's keep goin'
Because the longer we're together
The more our love is growin'.

Busta, Busta, you're my hero...

I'm smooth as a gumdrop
After it's gotten sucked on
For half an hour Hit the showers
Brothers cower as I flower
Devour competition
Wishin' their commission
Was HALF as high as mine
Gimme the girl, now she's mine
Jenny McCarthy
You gotta put me on
Baby, you got it goin' on
That's word is bond
You make my heart sing
I'll sing you a lullaby
You'll think you're in heaven
Then the number 7
Plus 62 is what we can do
Got a clue?
OOOH! I'm gettin' off-track
Now bring me back
To this land of peace and unity
Equal opportunity for the black
AND the white
Oh, hold up
I must be dreamin'
In THAT respect
Cuz Uncle Sammy WAS the enemy
Til he got himself in check
Not sayin' no names
I'd like to live til I'm 92
Not 22
Just take a look at Malcolm
He's through
Oh Busta, Busta

PLEASE Busta, help me
I'm gettin' too deep!
I only wanted to freestyle
I won't be able to sleep!
Teach me to do like YOU do
Cuz I just don't know HOW to
Pick up the mic
And give 'em somethin' on nothin'
B, you're my hero.