The Reason I Put This Together

Track list:
1. Long Time Comin'
2. Better Off Dead
3. XXXon
4. To All The Little People
5. Mister Carter
6. The Reason I Put This Together
7. Ill Times
8. Freewhylin'
9. What's Your Story?
10. M.C. Terror
11. Turn It Out
12. As The Dream Becomes Reality

Mark's strongest rap album to date (yes, even stronger than 2005's triumphant Ready For Action)! Sex, violence, politics, racism, unity... "The Marksman" touches upon each of these subjects this time around, and many more!!! Coupled with a slew of "block rockin'" beats and the captivating imagery of stunning cover model Sofiya Smirnova, The Reason I Put This Together is sure to heat up the cold winter months ahead...

Words and music ©1991, 1998, 2006 Mark Baranowski
How you gonna change what shouldn't be rearranged?
Why you wanna tell me how I'm actin' is strange?
It's been a long time comin'... many long years
I seen a lotta good times, but plenty of tears
They blurred my eyes when I realized I was a child
I had a lotta growin' up to do, my anger was wild
Sometimes you gotta step back and let time take control
Give yourself to maturity before you give up your soul
Now I'm here to make things clear for disbelievers
For any deceivers, and worthless underachievers
Who take life at face value, they're livin' with blinders on
Too narrow minded to listen to a song
Without judgin' the artist, do they like him? Do they not?
If he's rappin' is he Black? If he's not should he be shot?
If he's a bleach-blond punk it's alright, he's representin'
Representin' what I don't know, but Slim gotta go
What happened to the positivity... in hip-hop?
What happened to the creativity... in hip-hop?
What happened to the microphone fiends of days gone by?
Today you can't make out what nobody's sayin', wonder why
People are gettin' dumber, attention spans are shortenin'
It's a quick-cut world now, the art ain't important
I may not make a friend in the industry that I'm stuck in
But I'd rather represent sincerity than nothin'
My style ain't about throwin' together too many words
And rhymin' offbeat, the new-school method's for the birds
I realize that times change... but why for the worst?
There's an impurity in hip-hop... executive thirst
For the ends, at the cost of an influenced artist
That's why an artist independent... is always the smartest
And now I'm here... after several years, it's been awhile comin'
Cartoon rappers on your mark, get set, now start runnin'.
I dare you to step to me, step to me...

Groovy rhymes, dig my technique
Fast and hard, never ever weak
It's round 2, a new beginning
Rappin' sixteen years, and still winnin'
Tried to get out, it kept pullin' me back in
Over and over again, pen after pen
One of these days, I'll run out of words to say
Nah, no way, cause this game is mine to play
Wreckin' shop with a chop, chop, chop
Suey, sue me, he, and sushi
Disgustin', always bustin' caps with raps
Collapse right after I snap your synapse
A lapse in time passes as I'm kickin' asses
Grasses grow along the paths of the masses
Corpses I mean to say, I don't play
With fools who insist to get in my way
Today's the day, tonight's the night for a fight
Riiight, it don't matter if you're black or white
I might let you live, I never said I don't forgive
But try to live with a head like a sieve
Hole in your head, you got ta hole in your head
If you ask me, you're better off dead.

I dare you to step to me, step to me...
If you got the stones and think that you're worthy

.45 calibers rich, and I'm a Christian
But first a man, money's too tight to mention
With skills to pay the bills, yet I'm close
To livin' out on the street, someday I'll be ghost
But for now I do what I gotta just to survive
It's sad when folks die so I'm tryin' to stay alive
To keep it legal makes it difficult... so many give up
To some, any place is worthy of a stick-up
Shakin' ya down, takin' ya down, and vickin' your shit
Finger on the trigger and eager to pull it
But that ain't my game plan, I work for The Man
Until the day I can stand on my own, and be in demand
It's gonna happen I think I can I think I can
Stay true to myself, I won't end up bein' damned
I speak truth, not just what you wanna hear
Gainin' respect cause respect is bred from fear
Stand clear, when I'm on fire you might get burned
Many found out the hard way, oh yeah, they learned
I can't be accountable for my actions
For every action, there's an equal opposing reaction
All you give you get back tenfold
Now don't say you wasn't told.

I dare you to step to me, step to me...
You're better off dead, better ask somebody

You're better off dead if you plan to step to me
Test me if you think that I'm bluffin'
Nothin' you do or say could make my day
Better than if you back up and walk away
Cause I'm used to cappin' at point blank range
But it's a new day and time, it's time for a change
I'd rather take out punks from as far as possible
I'm still unstoppable, to resist ain't logical
It would be futile to all those new to
The game, they get maimed, and The Marksman's to blame
Like David A. Hess in the House by the Park
See it for yourself, beware of the dark
If you're alone at home, don't answer the phone
Get a death threat, then hear nothin' but dial tone
And while you're sweatin' it, you still won't see me comin'
I'll be hummin', but you won't hear it over the drummin'
Of your heartbeat, poundin' in your ears, taste the fear
Swallow it down as you hit the ground
And as I leave you to twitch, and wish
That you never met this son of a bitch, I dig a ditch
And throw your ass in, and whisper, “I win”
Then find your friends, so I can do it again, and again.

Be glad, because you're better off dead.
Another sssmooth record to help get in the mood
Let's just see if I can do it without makin' it too rude, or crude
Nude women take up my mind and my time
As long as they're beautiful I can't help but to bump and grind
It took a while before I tasted the fruit of the opposite
Once I had it, it was my goal to get all that I could get
Juicy got me crazy, or I should say crazier than before
And still I wanted more and more and more
To become a playboy, if only in appearance
Suckers fear it, and those with no hope can't get near it
And now that I'm where I am, I am what I gotta be
It ain't about knockin' 'em just as long as I get to see
All there is to see, so many styles, and different flavors
Damn, lip smackin', it's a flavor to savor
Take my word for it, I know what I'm talkin' about
Though I say again, it took some time to get clout
And make 'em shout my name, there ain't no shame in my game
I ain't afraid to go down, it starts to all taste the same
And I'm likin' it, then I'll be spikin' it 'til it's all gone
Don't do me wrong, let's get the XXX on

Gimme what I want, I'll give you what I got
Make it real wet, get you real hot

Chillin' at Exxon, kickin' it with my man Hollis
Me and Gregory, little did we know some girls followed us
To the store, they strolled in lookin' real high post
One actin' like I wasn't there, the other playin' me close
I myself was wit it, cuz it had been awhile
Since I made someone smile the way I made this girl smile
She used her middle name, but now I can't remember it
She had a backside that I could never forget
She had to go, I called her the next day, we got together
I met her mother, it all seemed to go my way
Then later she said she liked to get it on
She said she was the BJ queen, a real suckin' machine (ha!)
When it was time to put her skills to the test, I
Was disappointed, she was no better than the rest
Of all the misled women who like to toot their own horn
They let on they got it goin' on, then find out they're wrong
Sometimes the XXX ain't even worth the time anticipated
I so often find myself wishin' I had just masturbated
As for this girl, I was the first to get her off
I wanted to get it in before I ended up soft
But, it didn't happen, she had to leave it was late
She just came and went... true dat, to that no debate
In fact... I never even saw her again
We talked a few more times, then she got back with her ex-boyfriend
See this kinda shit has happened all of my life
Until I finally found a girl worthy of callin' my wife
The strife is totally uncalled for, I don't have time for it
Meanwhile to get the XXX on, I'm all for it

Gimme what I want I'll give you what I got
Make it real wet, and get you real hot

Back at Exxon, cuz there's nothin' better to do
It's two months later and I'm ready for somethin' new
I seen a lot, but not a thing worth takin' home
The later it got, it looked like I'd be goin' home alone
Thinkin' about the broads that just left, with the chests
That peeked out the side of their rag top tees
Testosterone levels rose, every man in the place froze
It was too bad that the honeys turned out to be hoes
Not to mention that the one with the better body had looked
Like she just played the receivin' end of a left hook
And in the middle of her forehead, I must be frank
Cuz it looked like somebody capped her ugly ass, point blank
Underneath the band-aid, imagine the scar
Was it superficial or did it go deep? and if so, how far?
All of these questions were makin' me sick
Until the next girl that walked in changed my mind quick, ooh
What a pretty face, the place held us all in awe
I wasn't drinkin' but in my head I heard last call
For alcohol, because her name was Brandy
Plan B was unnecessary cuz Plan A was a dandy
I hadn't even seen Miss Thing's behind
All that was on my mind was makin' her mine
We left the spot, the situation got hot
In my mind, but this have became a have not
The one time that I don't wanna get it on
Is the one time that who I'm with comes on too strong
I learned my lesson the hard way
Stay away from Exxon... what you want never comes along.

Gimme what I want I'll give you what I got
Make it real wet, get you real hot
This goes out to all the little people...
Those folks who didn't do a thing to help me get here

Back in the day
When most girls wouldn't even look my way
I tried to play it cool
But every time I stepped to 'em I'd sound like a fool
So I kept to myself and kept my mouth shut
Like that old squirrel searchin' for a nut, I
Surrounded myself with my music
Tryin' to find any way that I could use it
To my advantage
I knew in my heart that on the mic I could do damage
But no one would listen
Nobody said a word unless they were dissin', huh
But ain't that the trap
Those fools found out this white bred could rap
But I still faced opposition
From my family, for them to step off I was wishin'
They said I believed I was Black
I really didn't, I only believe facts
Still I carried on
Writin' verse after verse, and song after song
Makin' mad hits
First comin' out with Baran Lands, and then The Favorites
And in a short time
I released Historic Rhymes To Cave In The Mind
Then I got real far
With the record Your Momma Knows I'm A Star
Through it all, I stayed local
But to be well known and paid in full, I was hopeful
And then it got strange
I still can't believe how much it all changed
Before I was nameless
Now everybody's sayin', “Don't forget me when you're famous!”

This goes out to all the little people...
Those folks who didn't do a thing to help me get here

Isn't it funny
How no one cares about ya unless you got money?
Even your parents
They can't talk to you if you can't share it
Contrary to popular belief
Money can buy happiness and bring relief
I speak from experience
Everyone who knows me could tell ya I wasn't the cheeriest
Cracker that you ever could meet
Due to countless days when I had nothin' to eat
I knew things had to change
Once I went for mine, my life got rearranged
In a good way, maybe even the best way
I soon began to look forward to the next day
I was gettin' paid
Then all these new friends came out from the shade
People that didn't like me before
Who wouldn't buy my record until it hit the stores
People that didn't even listen to hip hop
Suddenly playin' song after song non stop
Lettin' me know I'm the man
Girls want hugs, fellas wanna shake my hand
I can't just ignore 'em
But on the real... this song was written just for 'em

This goes out to all the little people...
Those folks who didn't do a thing to help me get here

Everyone wants success
Usually at another's expense
No one wants to work, what's the point?
Might as well live life in the joint
Nothin' beats the feelin' of satisfaction
Seein' yourself achievin' by takin' action
That's how I'm livin'
But this feelin' has to be earned, it can't be given
So back up off of mine
But if you insist on this, step to the back of the line
With the other losers
The faithless failures and hopeless drug abusers
Searchin' for sympathy
They don't find it my way, so they ask, “Where can it be?”
If they only knew
That success ain't just too good to be true
But some never learn
Forget the best, they'll take the easiest way to earn
Even if it means sellin' out
They got no clout, and nothin' worth tellin' about
In other words, nothin' to lose
And who's to say which is the right path to choose?
All I'm sayin' is just leave me alone
I already went for mine, you gotta go for your own
That's if you even got one to go for
But if not.... stay on the ground floor.
“Mister Carter”, yo how ya livin', Black?
I got your number, now watch me tear it to ribbons
Smack dab in the middle of your dome, where you deserve it most
You ain't Professor Griff, Poobody, so you're milquetoast
Or is it Peebody? no matter... cuz I'mma drop your body
To the ground, you won't make a sound or move around
I've said so many times before, I don't forget
The last thing you ever wanna do is pose a threat
To me, but sometimes, people do dumb things
So, that's why I forgive you although I must bring
Payback, uh, cuz revenge is too sweet, yyyep
From the day you set eyes on me you shoulda stepped
Instead of showin' out in front of your homeboys
All equal opportunity bigots, you dig it Yeah that's the ticket
To think that you could intimidate me was funny
You played the bully but wasn't gettin' my lunch money
Steppin' to me while I was sportin' my necklace
Twenty four K, things almost got reckless
Warnin' me to run my jewels, or you'd have bad news
(Shit, I chuckled at you damn fools)
In nothin' but gym shorts, you stood there, frownin'
Like a sheriff runnin' the bad guy outta town, and
I was supposed to take you seriously? please
If I wanted to I coulda snuffed you with ease
But I've always had more sense than that so I ignored you
I spoiled your plan, until I finally bored you
And that was the start of seein' who could be harder
Me, the Marksman or that sucker Mister Carter

Mister Carter...
That's the moterfucker right there

“Mister Carter”... How can it be, bro?
A White kid with more soul than a Negro
I guess I just got a head start on your sorry ass
You mighta had a chance, had you chose to go to class
Just how far you think stickin' up people can get ya?
If I didn't hate takin' your money I would bet ya
You end up in the clink, if you're not there already
Gettin' used by a bruiser named Teddy
In, out, you scream with delight, cuz it's tight
But by the time you get out, you'll be lookin' for a fight
And I'll be waitin'... anticipatin' your arrival
The beatin' begins, then it's the end of your survival
Rivalry with me ends prematurely
I don't sleep, so it won't help to get up early
To catch me off guard, an impossibility
See, I can't be caught, all due to my agility
Son, meet Humility, he's gonna be your lifelong partner
(Check yourself, Mister Carter)

Mister Carter...

Welcome back, Mister Carter, I'm glad to see
You found the strength to return for round three
And it was inevitable, I knew it would happen
Cuz you always did think you had a knack for rappin'
Think again cuz the last time I heard you flow
I thought, oh no, this style gots to go
You strolled around on stage, but what else is new?
Runnin' your mouth, but hardly anyone heard you
Cuz they wasn't listenin', you came off soft
Then again... (you didn't come off at all, hoss)
Pop quiz, hotshot, there's two MC's
But only one with the ability to please
That would be me, while the other one, you, of course, loses
Left with only emotional bumps and bruises
Time and time again... it never ends
Every time you foolishly desire to contend
Now, what do you do? what do you do? clock's tickin
So hurry do you keep takin' lickin's or play the chicken
And hide in your shell, as I send you to hell
On a magic carpet ride, fueled by my rhyme
Well whatever you choose, it's just the nature of the beast
Cuz there'll never be a winner by the name of Maurice
With the last name of Carter, remember that, jagoff
And now I've satisfied my desire to go off on Mister Carter

Mister Carter...
Here we go... flowin' just like the brothers do
Walk with me, as we talk just like lovers do
Why are you lookin' so damn good?
Don't you know... you make it harder than it should be?
Could we get this thing started?
Or will I be left broken hearted?
Standin' up here all on my own
With a hand in the air, the other around the microphone
Callin' out for you but you're not there
Is it fair? I wanna show you I care and you're nowhere
I swear, I'm dedicated to only you, Boo-boo
Believe in what I say, cuz it's true
Can I do a little somethin' special?
Any way you want to react, you know I'll let you
Pet you, get you in between the sheets
What a treat, pow!, when the bad things meet
But you think I'm just givin' you a line
Babe, take your time, then make up your mind
And then you might find that I'm for real
And with a little luck, your heart I might steal

You're the reason I put this together
(Ladies in the place with a pretty face)
You're the reason I put this together
(Gimme a chance, we can do whatever's clever)
You're the reason I put this together
(Callin' out for you, callin' out for you)
You're the reason I put this together
(Come inside, I'll make it all better)

How could you say that I ain't for real?
That what I'm speakin' isn't how I feel
When the words took so long to come out
Besides, fast love ain't what I'm about
Scream and shout out loud, go on, get hype
If you're lookin' for good, times, then I'm, your type
Typecast I could never be, remember me
When I ain't by myself I'm with Double-D
Comin' from the Nickel City, ya get me?
I'll do what I can for you cuz I got a plan for you
Do you ever think about the future?
Will it become one that suits ya?
Or will it take a trip on the downslope
Leavin' you all on your own with no hope?
I pray that don't happen while I'm rappin'
I'm in command, so call me the captain
At this party y'all are maids of honor
But if I have to resist, then I'm a goner
My best bet would be to leave my zipper zipped
Keep my hands to myself, the mic to my lips
Say what I got to say, then step
Stay right there, dear, there's one verse left

Cuz you're the reason I put this together
(This is for you all, havin' yourself a ball)
You're the reason I put this together
(I'll do what I came to do if it's all the same to you)
You're the reason I put this together
(Reachin' out to you I'm reachin' out to you)
You're the reason I put this together
(Hurry it up, buttercup, here comes last call)

Now you're willin' to give me a chance
You're more than ready to save me a dance
But, here I am... playin' the entertainment
Standin' on stage feels like containment
The payment makes it always worthwhile
A smile from a girl in the crowd gets me all riled
Up... I aim to please, that's my business
Holmes saw the size of my crew and hid his
Dumbass expression... he learned a lesson
He shouldn't have brought his girl into this rap session
Now confess, baby, I rocked your world
Infuriatin the one that you're datin'
Creatin' breach of trust with, mad lust
With no bodily fluids even passin' between us
Girls, check your man, and take a stand
If you're down with the Marksman, give yourself a hand
You're the reason I put this together
(Ladies on the wall, filled with alcohol)
You're the reason I put this together
(No more puttin' up with your man, take my hand)
You're the reason I put this together
(Holdin' the stall, tryin' not to fall)
You're the reason I put this together
(It feels so good to be in demand)
Thinkin' back to Black Rock, when I stalked the block
Dumb brothers and crackers makin' their livin' on crack rock
The year of fear, it was in the atmosphere
You were in the wrong hood if you were lookin' for cheer
Cuz there was none here, face after face of livin' waste
You look at 'em wrong, they'll gladly give you a taste
This was a time when no one knew who each other's friends were
There was one love and it was far from tender
It was only about one goin' for one's self
Even at the cost of another one's good health
I should know cuz I was down with a particular posse
There were things goin' on within... things I could not see
I lived with my grandma and grandfather, they knew this
I thought we were friends, how could I know that they would do this?
Broke into my grandparents' house easily
There was only one way this could be done feasibly
One had to tell another where the spare key was at
He would stand guard, while the rest of 'em jacked
And then when they got what they came for, they broke out
Quick to replace the key, they thought I'd never find out
Who be the culprit but at the pulpit the guilty can't lie
One stepped forward and the partnership died
But then again, it died the moment they did the crime
It was written... so began the ill times

Livin' in ill times, livin' in ill times...
We're livin' in ill times

Nothin' comes easily, certainly not friendships
As quickly as they began, so many have ended
When did this world take a turn for the worst?
Did it start with Hitler, or was slavery first?
It doesn't that much matter, all that counts is today
A day where it's acceptable to say that you're gay
It has to be Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve
And that's the Word of the Lord, so believe
If a man wants to be with another man, hand in hand
I can't understand, somebody changed the game plan
Mano ay mano, Chicano y Mexicano
Shake the disease... and burn the Gitanos
I'd like to believe that tomorrow will be better, though
The chances are gone with the wind, (thar he blows!)
Love town's gettin' a little too overpopulated
Resident evil described as overcopulated
“It don't matter to me”, but it used to
Cuz you can help change the world, if you choose to
Although no man is an island... Gilligan
When you think you got it in check, think to check again
If you reach out and accept a helpin' hand
Together we'll plan to propagate this wasteland
And maybe we'll find we left the madness behind
Break the ties that bind and do away with the ill times

Livin' in ill times, livin' in ill times...
We're livin' in ill times

Seven o clock in the mornin' and the sun is
Just startin' to rise above the shore, and
The family's got a mansion overlookin' the beach
With sand and water as far as eyesight can reach
Little Billy wakes up, he grabs his blanket and heads for
The hallway light switch, then walks to the bathroom door
Pushes it open sees his daddy standin' there
His back to the wall, holdin' a forty of beer
Billy goes to his father tries to ask him what's wrong
But daddy slaps him and yells at him
And he tells him he's too young
To understand, and then, he grabs his hand
And throws Billy into bed and shuts the door with a slam
Somebody tell me, why should we punish a child?
We should punish ourselves, we're the ones livin' wild
Irresponsible people havin' babies
Can't see it as a miracle that God gave thee
Messin' around without bein' properly protected
It wouldn't be a shame if they had gotten infected
I thought that free love died in the seventies... it didn't
Now lovin' is trouble and we just keep gettin' in it
We'll never learn, primal urge rules over common sense
It's a question of time before there's nobody left
And that time is just about as ill as it can get
The tide is comin' in and we're about to get wet

Cuz we're livin' in ill times, livin' in ill times...
We're livin' in ill times
A little freestylin' for the minds of people that said that I'm
Causin' hip-hop to cross over, and that I couldn't rhyme
Sayin' that if I entered a battle I'd lose
That my rhymes would bring me nothin' but disses and boos
I got news for you fools, you're in for a surprise
You're fin to witness a lighter rhymer who's soon gonna rise
Above a certain so-called Vanilla Wafer who couldn't tell a rapper from a raper
Or a diploma from toilet paper
Awarded a Grammy so now they think they're an authority
Compared to real rappers, they're the least priority
But not to degrade anybody, cause puttin' down somebody else is wrong
I'll save that for the another song
The beat is pumpin', the bass meter is jumpin'
So I don't understand why in their seats there's folks still slumpin'
You can't fade the flavor, the flavor should be savored
So all you freaks out there, let's get into some freaky behavior
Whylin'... uh, uh... is what you got me doin' call me Stanley cause I'm screwin'
My driver, fore! I yell as she cries for more and more
Whenever she finishes, you know she'll be leavin' sore

But back to the subject of battlin'
Rap battles to me are just competitors babblin'
They're not really sayin' nothin' but how hard they claim to be
In reality, yo, I smell pussy
Don't you hate when suckers front on somebody else
When what the fools are really doin' is frontin' on themselves
It's a hypocritical policy, that's how they're livin'
Like a plea for forgiveness, but refusal to be forgiven
Suckers that be livin' like this make me sick
Consider yourself warned, I ain't to be played with
You got the nerve to ask, “who do you think you are?”
I'm The Marksman, boy, your mama knows I'm a star
Back in the day it was Meticulous Marksman, but I had to shorten it
Nobody knew what the hell meticulous meant
At first that got me upset, all people had to do was look in the dictionary
To upgrade their literary
Skills, lotsa luck, nobody did it
Then one day, a so-called fan said “just forget it!”
I actually took their advice and I dropped it
And that was the day my new style was adopted
I used to be vulgar, explicit, and all that mess
Til I got wise and I put it to rest
There's no need to be obscene, yo, but don't get me wrong
You wanna say what you feel? go ahead! it's your song
But think of it like this, in this business you're touchin' the whole wide world
Especially little boys and girls
Why be offensive and out to cause controversy?
Good or bad, you're always at the media's mercy
So instead of bein' negative... try to be positive
In the way of inspiration, there's always a lot to give
Today's world needs more good over bad
And since kids would rather heed a rapper than mom and dad
Go 'head and be a role model, teach 'em what needs to be taught
Not who you're gonna kill and how many battles you've fought
Increase the peace and do away with this onslaught
And wisen up... cause soon you're gonna get caught.
Strainin' my mind to come up with a worthwhile rhyme
One that's divine and I can define as mine
Soon after I come up with somethin' then I put it on paper
Somethin' I can be proud of that causes catchin' of vapors
It goes a little like this, prejudice, what's the meanin' of this
Opinion for or against somethin' without adequate basis?
All those who ask “what does that mean? I don't understand”
Chances are the suckers work for the Klan
Modern-day Nazis... Skinheads are anti-Semitic
But any prejudice to me is pathetic
Like the Yin and the Yang, white and black, it's all an act
Treatin' others like they're nobody as if you were all that
Color's only skin deep, we're all the same inside
And after all, it was for everyone that the Savior died
Just look at yourself, ask yourself, why you were put here
It wasn't to live your life inside a bottle of beer
It wasn't to sit around the house and do dope
Then come to realize your body belongs at the end of a rope
It wasn't to go out on the town, lookin' for a skeeze
And end up strapped to an I.V. because of some disease
It wasn't to have a child after child
And livin' your life on your back, goin' buck wild
You fiend, you think that you're livin' like a queen
The only thing that you don't have is a ring
But think of where your money is comin' from, your man is a bum
So if it wasn't for welfare, you wouldn't have a crumb
It's funny how you despise the government
But on the first and the fifteenth, you're in love with it
So you head out to Wal-Mart or Goodwill, your choice
To spend without earnin' is a reason to rejoice
You take it for granted, the more you get the more you demand
And don't try sayin' you can't find work in this land
Of opportunity, okay, we're in a recession
But there's a light at the end, we're far away from depression
All you welfare recipients who won't work for honest pay
You're livin' foul... it just ain't the way.

Excuses, excuses, for all their actions
A cop out's a cop out, more like a distraction
They're usin' excuses to explain their stupidity
But tryin' to explain racism is futility
What's your story for viewin' others with hateful eyes?
You should realize to uprise we must civilize
And devise a plan to make the whole world understand
That every other man is really your brother man
And woman... cause sisters, you've come a long way, baby
And it's long overdue, now I'm hopin' that maybe
We'll come together and work as a team, by the dream
That was created by the great Dr. King, however
The journey to the mountaintop is a difficult endeavor
But will give up and turn back? Never
Hold your head to the sky, but keep it out of the clouds
There ain't no daydreams or changin' of hearts allowed
Cause to debate the situation only causes hesitation
We have to rebel against this problem that's facin' our nation
Not only ours, but all nations around the world
From senior citizens to newborn boys and girls
Not for ourselves but for them, think of the future
And what's to come, all the more reason for revolution
By any means necessary's the only way
To uplift ourselves and bring about this better day.

And then everybody'll have the same story...
And that story'll be... togetherness...
An end to all prejudice...
And the beginning to betterness.

I got style... don't bother treatin' me like a stepchild
I had a stepfather once... the fool was livin' foul
Though I may be White, I feel we need a change, it's now or never
So I'm back to represent the flavor of vanilla
Wake up and recognize what you represent
For how you're livin' you really need to repent
To each his own I guess... but why are these people praised?
Radio suckers are lovin’ 'em and that's why The Marksman is outraged
I'm fillin' their hearts up with fear
And from the time that I start rymin' until I'm outta here
That's just what they're feelin' or is it more like terror?
They're like deer in headlights, I ain't the man in the mirror
Standin' and starin' at me, don't even bother sweatin' me, sucka
Since I ain't Black but I rap, you say I think I'm a brotha
Now why should I attempt to be what I ain't?
Besides... they don't make permanent skin paint
I'm not a Young Black Teenager, I'm white yet I feel anger
When I hear the word “nigga” when it's referred to a stranger
This ain't the 30's... it's two thousand and six, you dicks
Wake up remember Martin's dream, and keep it fixed
In your mind, brotherhood for every color
Stop the ignorant behavior of lookin' at another
Like they were second-class citizens or someone to fear
You say Blacks should stay in ghettoes, I ain't tryin' to hear
Such bullshit... as long as you're livin' good you're satisfied
So what if a starvin' Black child happens to die?
Because his mother didn't have money to support him
Someone like you would catch him stealin' some food and report him
Cause you're not hip to the situation that they have to live with
Each day of their lives, until their lives are uplifted
But to uplift 'em, they need to be educated and helped
Fill 'em with positivity... and give 'em knowledge of self
What more can I say? I don't know what else to tell ya
But I ain't finished with fillin' M.C.'s with terror.

All these people I commend for survivin' in this prison
Who see the future as promisin' and never give up wishin'
That someday the government will come to their senses
And spend some ends for people instead of on defenses
Cause guns don't kill people, people kill people
A gun inside the wrong hands is like Evil Kenievel
Suicidal and crazy? you're pushin' up daisies
Not in your nose, whaddya know? your gun don't phase me
I'm The Marksman, but in another sense of the word
While I'm shootin' lyrics, you're out shootin' birds
Another of the Savior's creatures he made and gave ya
You say there's no Creator? who you think made ya?
Your parents are only stand ins here on earth
Like their parents and their parents before them onto birth
Like the chicken and the egg and you know how that is
You break the egg with the third leg and that's how you get the kids
But if I get on that subject I'll go on forever
It's a style that I profile when I'm about to bring terror
Into the lives of M.C.'s, that's why they just can't deal with me
It's funny to see, meanwhile your girl tries to feel it, G
The jimmy, but she never chose to know me before
The game she's playin' forces me to call her a whore
Dissin' your female's another form of the terror
But if you like bein' frightened, baby... yo, just look in the mirror.

When I was just another teen in the halls of my school
I'd never bother steppin' to a girl cause they'd act a fool
“You and me?” they'd ask and laugh and I'd walk away embarrassed
But I was pissed and they knew it, just cause I wanted to get 'em bare-assed
And they wasn't wit it but they'd get with their man and do it
And he's the kinda guy if she said no he would still screw it
So I gave up... the situation was hopeless
Until I picked up a pen and started writin' the dopeness
Suddenly the freaks are wit it but I knew what they wanted
A popular man and some cash so they could flaunt it
And then the girls of the other color tried to kick it
They were nice and I liked 'em, but I couldn't get wit it
Cause of my relatives and the way that I was raised
They always said “You get that kinda girl you'll never be praised”
So I made up excuses like “I already got a gal
But don't worry to me you're number one as a pal”
But now lookin' back, I know I shouldn't have said it
Next time the family gives me advice, I'll forget it
Because the color don't matter if you're in love then who cares?
Ignore those talkin' behind your back and givin' you stares
Until nine months later... you're sayin' “Oh, shit!”
You're feelin' terror, nawww, it can't be my kid
Oh well you shoulda wore a jim hat, what more can I say?
But the phrase that pays... “you play you're payin' okay?”
I think I just gave you enough terror to last a lifetime
But it could be worse, though... yo, the kid could be mine.
Like Aesop had a fable, I'm able
To move the crowd without a turntable
My style is innovative, not commercial
And I don't do a show without a rehearsal
Cuz I believe in givin' people their money's worth
And makin' 'em fiend for the rhymes I unearth
From birth to burial, I'm here to please
Certain girls do the same for me, down on their knees
I live my life happy, and it's swell
Those tryin' to bring me down can go straight to hell
Burn, baby, burn, until you learn
Your fate you earn, next time wait your turn
To step up... You shoulda crept up
I saw you comin', no time to put your left up
Stay down... you little clown
Deal with the fact you found out what comes around goes around
See, I may forgive, but I never forget
And I could be the scariest man you've ever met
But right about now... that ain't what I'm about
I came to claim this jam, and turn it out

Turn it out, turn it out....

It's the weekend, time to congregate and get ill
Homegirls and boys come to get their fill
Of whatever... cuz as always, whatever's clever
And as the night goes on, things get better and better
You've worked hard all week, you deserve this

To lose all your inhibitions is the purpose
Surprise, surprise... Anything can happen
After the dance, and after I'm finished rappin'
More than a party... it's more like a movement
I leave the stage, you ask where the groove went
“I'll be back,” take that to the bank
For this good time, me you must thank
I've been to too many wack shows, I know how it goes
When you spend your hard earned cashflow
You expect the MC to turn it out... riiight?
Otherwise it's a waste of a night... riiight!
It's my duty and honor to represent
Represent the east side, it's money well spent
Cuz I've yet to hear someone from California that I like
High post west coast, take a hike
We were the first ones in, we'll be the last ones out
Listen to the way I turn it out

Turn it out, turn it out....

Dashin', smashin'... Highest fashion
I got the chips, if I ever wanna cash in
But for now, I'm right where I should be
Never ponder about where I could be
I chose the path and followed it
My pride, I swallowed it

Was the road hard? man, you know it
I went through many shoes, I paid so many dues
But there's no more need to sing the blues
Cuz I'm here... and you're there
Now throw your hands in the air if you care
Cuz if you didn't care, then you wouldn't be in here
It's a new song, and it's a new year
There'll be no “hey's” or “ho's” spoken at this party
Cuz “say ho and scream” went out with “La di da di”
There's more than one way to move the crowd
Stand tall and proud, keep it loud, and well endowed
And yell, “I got it goin' on, you got it goin' on
We got it goin' on,” you can't go wrong
Then they'll respect ya, as they respect me
As I respect myself, now you see
It all begins with a sound foundation
A turned out jam is my destination

Turn it out, turn it out....
Eleven pm, I'm on my bed with no lights on
Listenin' to a tape and wonderin' what's goin' on
Hey yo what's happenin', brother, I can't seem to discover
How I can feel a chill because I'm under the covers
Maybe because the message of this song hit me straight in the heart
It says we're livin' in a world that's fallin' apart
And it's true, because we're lettin' it happen
With our new technology and so-called useful contraptions
Instead of learnin' how to cure illness
Our doctors and our scientists are wastin' their time findin' silliness
It seems they can't find a cure for cancer or AIDS
But you can bet that most are qualified to perform a sex change
In order to perfect the world we must get our priorities straight
First things first, yo, we need more love and less hate
Because the sooner we tolerate sooner we can cooperate
And work as a team, that's how to properly operate
It may be just a dream that'll never come true
But it could become reality if you allow it to
The journey to the promised land has been years in the makin'
So put on your hikin' boots, no more hesitatin'.