OPPOSING REACTION (WGA #133479): Mark's first script! A young locksmith uses his abilities in a criminal manner.
Meanwhile, his alcoholic father struggles to make amends with his wayward son... A dark, controversial drama!

SILENT PARTNER (aka AUDITIONS FOR MURDER, this script was the basis for Mark's film, Runaway Terror):
An erotic thriller, focusing on a shady film producer who seduces his potential actresses with the promise of a "choice role"...
Soon, these would-be starlets begin turning up dead!

A DANGEROUS MOTIVE (WGA #133593): An action story, written specifically as a potential Jean-Claude Van Damme vehicle.
A Frenchman tracks five American policemen who raped and murdered his sister, and killed both her husband and infant daughter.
With the help of a suspended rookie cop, what ensues is an explosive mission of payback!

THE THING AMONG US (WGA #137789): A potential sequel to 1982's The Thing. Heeding the advice of Universal Pictures
(who hold the existing story rights, and didn't authorize this script), Mark is unable to offer this for sale to interested parties.
However, it is available to anyone personally interested in Mark's vision of where this chilling story could have gone...

A REFLECTION OF LIFE (WGA #I09225): Mark's most personal script. A mentally challenged boy gains a new perspective on
life after running away from home to live with his closest friend, his older cousin.