You're The One

Track list:
1. You're the One (original mix) (4:41)
2. You're the One (instrumental) (4:41)
3. Understand the World (instrumental) (4:10)

Yes, Mark sings, too! Most heavily influenced by Depeche Mode, he created this 3-song single during his "evolution" from rapper (The Marksman) to instrumentalist (MARQUIS).

Words and music ©1995 Mark Baranowski
Girl, you know you are
Everything to me
You're the kind of girl
Who needs to be told
Everything she already knows
Beautiful you are, so
Especially when you smile
When you look at me
With those eyes
I know nothing else
Could make my life more worthwhile
Give me the chance to be
The one to hold your hand
When you don't understand
My love could be your savior
In this life of despair
There'll be no Heaven to await
Cuz we'll be already there.

You're the one for me
You're the one for me, you see
You're the one for me
You're the one for me

Do you believe
In a strength that can climb any mountain
And swim any sea
With love, all this is possible
I mean you and me
Please don't make me beg
But if I have to, I will
This emptiness that's taken over me
Only you can fill

How long have we known each other?
(Not very long, I'm aware)
What does it matter, anyway?
(I don't care)
Do you feel the same way?
(Let me know)
Let's not waste each other's time...
Should I stay (or go)?
Before you decide
Think of a life of bliss
Some chances come but once in a lifetime
You won't wanna miss this one.

You're the one for me
(Has anyone told you lately)
You're the one for me
(You look as bright as the sun?)
You're the one for me
(Just like a star, girl)
You're the one for me
(Your glow just lights up the darkness)
You're the one for me
(Ooh, just let me look at you)
You're the one for me
(You know I like what I see)
You're the one for me
(Please make the right decision)
You're the one for me
(It's GOT to be you and me)